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Rayne stood, at the edge of the universe glaring angrily at the stars. Oblivious to her turmoil said stars winked merrily, mocking her pain with a cheerful glee.

"I told you she'd be here." Ethos' voice rung out arrogantly, effectively destroying her once peaceful solitude.

"So you were right," a female's voice scoffed, "what else is new." The girl, Krystal, came to stand stiffly beside him. Silence greeted their new found discovery as Rayne's back remained rigid, unmoved by her friends uncouth entrance. The lull was quickly shattered with ruffling skirts and crumpled parchment.

Whirling on them in self-righteous fury Rayne's posture shattered. "You knew, and you didn't even have the decency to warn me? It's said to be an honor," she scoffed, "did you know that? They honor me. Those selfish sons of bitches."

Her tirade was cut mid curse by a bolt of lightning tearing clean through her clenched fist. Hissing explicitly Rayne cradled her newly burnt hand to her chest, codling it like a mother would a new born child.

"Foolish girl, you weren't raised to speak such volatile words against your elders. Tend to your hand, accept your summoning and grow up." The feminine voice created a synthetic thunder, booming out a warning long after the damage had been done.

"Rayne," Krystal spoke tentatively, "you can't just ignore Magda and the rest of the elders, our world doesn't work that way." Gesturing to Rayne's freshly injured hand in example; she bowed her head in apology. The after taste of remorse for things she couldn't control, couldn't predict and worst of all couldn't protect bitter in her mouth.

"They're grounding me, Krystal. How could they do this to me? TO ME? I have served them without question for centuries and they choose now to shove me back? Back into a world I died to escape from. I served my sentence damn it, I did my time. Why should I be forced to that-that wretched place for another go-round?" Her words dripped with poisoned anger, the resentment palpable in the expanse of nothingness.

"Earth," She spat the word out like a disease, "I am to fall, and there won't be anything but darkness to catch me."

"You're making this into something it doesn't have to be," Ethos' voice peacefully seeped into the females' conversation," It's simply a matter of stopping a dark one. As soon as the demon is taken care of, you'll be permitted into elder housing. It is understandable why you hate the earthly realm with such passion and if it were any other honor I would stand by you in you're rebellion. But many angels would live and die a thousand deaths for this opportunity Rayne, do not mistake it for a burden just because you are blinded by your own hatred."

The scene faded from the viewfinder.

"Ethos always was the wisest of the three." Seated in a high backed chair, poise and grace seeping out of every pore, Magda gestured to the now blank screen, a poor attempt to cut through the high tension mounting in the room.

"How sure are you of this Magda, is she really ready to handle Tynan?" The youngest in the group was first to voice her thoughts, words exuding concern long before they were heard.

"I am sure of nothing Betrece, the future changes paths with the ones who walk down them, which is why prediction of those events is impossible. But she has her mother's fearlessness and her father's heart. I believe she will succeed." Those who knew Magda well were surprised by her praise. It was a rarity for her remarks to be anything less than scathing.

"Tynan is not to be taken lightly Magda. How many of ours has he lured to his side? How many more will fall because of him," rising in passion the man continued," She is only a child an- "

"SILENCE!" Magda's voice was laced with a deadly fury as she addressed the higher angel.

"Sit DOWN Arron, I will have no more interruptions. I am fully aware that others have fallen pray to Tynan charms, the weaker ones even claim to love him. Rayne is our last hope and as absurd as that may seem we must have faith that she will remain strong where others have weakened. We have one last chance to shift the balance back to normalcy. Let's pray that she doesn't fail us. For I fear if she does, it may be the last thing any of us do."

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