i am scott's mary mgadelene.

i hold him up when all else fails

and i hold the dirty smoke in my lungs for him.

i am scott's mary magdelene.

i kiss the tears on his cheeks

and i stroke his hair when he can't sleep.

i am scott's mary magdelene.

i sleep with him and i stay with him

but he ran away from home.

scott is nick's boyfriend

and i'm left with a lost son,

nothing left for him to rely on

except his sexsexsex.

i am scott's mary magdelene.

i held him up when there was no one else

and i'm dying from this smoke i swallowed for him.

but my funeral's going to be

empty of the nymphomaniac who gave me my life back.

i am scott's mary magdelene

and he's going to save me with his kisses,

even if i'll die from it.