"Nnn?" Midden said, yawning. For a second he wasn't entirely sure where he was, and then he remembered that it had happened in Aaron's room, and then he remembered precisely what had happened. He smiled, and looked beside him. Aaron was already up.

The floor was a tad bit chilly beneath his feet as he padded down the hall, having put on some clothes. He saw Aaron standing in the kitchen, and he hurried over, intending to ask some questions about possible breakfasts – but then he caught sight of what Aaron had seen, and he, too, stopped and stared.

The potted plants had, overnight, taken over the entire counter; they had grown out and grown out and then grown out some more, until their terracotta pots were broken from trying to contain the roots. The counters were covered in a layer of dirt and leaves.

Midden stepped forward cautiously, and then his mind's eye shifted, and it was just like it had been last night – the plants were glowing on the inside with their own special light, and so was he, and so was Aaron, and even the dried herbs on the spice rack were dimly gleaming. He blinked, and it switched back to normal. He tried the shifting again. Once again, it worked. Comprehension was slowly beginning to dawn on him. He tried it again, and it still worked; he was growing more and more pleased with himself each time with every attempt. Aaron cleared his throat, and Midden blinked, returning to the real world. Slowly, he looked over at Aaron. The room was so quiet they could hear the washing machines down the hall.

The silence was disturbed when Ed came barreling through the door, running excitedly over to Midden and picking him up in a bear hug. She was barefoot, and still in her nightgown. "I sensed it just this morning!" she yelled happily. "You're a late bloomer, Midden! You've got some sort of weak empathy for plants! I could taste it from my apartment – it woke me up!" She was speaking in Unseleigh; Midden blushed, pleased with himself, and awkwardly patted her on the back as she fussed over him. This only added to Aaron's general sense of confusion.

"Uh, pardon me," he said, raising an eyebrow. "Would either of you two wonderful people mind explaining what, exactly, is going on?"

Then Midden said something that would be brought up against him in every future argument with Aaron he ever had, including after they got engaged. Ed would have stopped him and invented some elaborate story, but it was too early for her to function that well or that deviously. Midden blinked, and turned to Aaron.

"Oh," he said. "Did I forget to tell you that I was part elf?"

…. AND THAT, my dear (imagined) readers, is the end.