Darkness creeps silently

As the day begins to break and finally gives in

To let through the blinding gloom

And the sadness and hate of the dim


The night does not forgive


The night so is so sinister

Cackling evilly and mocking your heart

It takes away the light

And all the good thoughts you wish not to part


The night does not forget


And the night-time does not surrender

No matter how much you plead

The wickedness will sneak back in your head

And you'll remember all you've done, each sinful deed


The night does not offer freedom


You will try to forget as the tears stream down your face

But the night will just laugh

As you grab your hair, weeping

And you will feel the dark wrath


The night does not love


And as you scream out and yell to that someone who never listens

The darkness of night will chuckle and howl with amusement

As you try to find some way of escaping the horror

But the horror does not catch the hint


The night does not care


Listen my readers, and listen ever so carefully

The night does not feel compassion, and it never will

If you find a way to solve, this unbearable pain

If you ever find a way to give the night what for it kills


The night does not go away


Shall we bare this terrible price of living together?

Shall we fight and be most strong?

We may stand united and shall not fall

We will fight against this wrong


The night does not give in


On the outside we will show bravery

But in the inside we will be dying

Want to be free from it all

Yes, inside we will be crying


The night never does


We shall bond together no matter what

Even if we know there is no defeat for that evil night

All we can know is that after the darkness

There will always be light


And it never will


A/N: Dedicated to a friend. For ever bad person you meet, you will find one good one. After each period of darkness, my friend, there will always be light, you can be sure of that.