God must love puzzles

That's what I've come to decide

He's made up laws and this confusing life

And now he's waiting to see if we're in for the ride

It seems to me that He wants to know

If we're made for the journey

And if we can survive

Or if we will try to run and flee

He throws these pieces

In front of my bewildered face

And he waits until I can figure it out

If I can put them together and complete this race

Soar across the sky

As a person who finally realized

That life's not all the bad

And there's more to it than meets the eyes


God must love puzzles

That's what I think is true

Because I'm in one now, trying to find my way

And there's no picture on the box to follow as a clue

Is he above me now?

Listening to me contemplate

Is he just sighing and thinking to himself

That I'm just facing life with hate

That I don't believe in any of it

And for that I should be shunned

Or is he just waiting it out

Waiting for my thinking to be done


God must love puzzles

I think he would

'Cause I'm not sure if he's showing me evil

Or if he's actually showing me good

I'm writing this poem

More confused than ever

I'm not sure which way to turn

And what to do with this life that I endeavour

So shall I keep crying to the heavens?

Waiting for a reply

And should I keep weeping?

Watching life pass me by

Or should I stand strong

And be prepared to fight

Just because God loves his puzzles

And that I know is right