We have no cats.
Please don't be fooled.
Ignore the two black and white purrers who run up when you arrive.
They aren't ours.
We don't own cats.

It's easy to be decieved.
I know we feed them twice a day .
(Sometimes more if we forget they've been fed already)
But it's not as it seems.
We don't own cats.

I know they have free run of the kitchen.
And last night, Mum let one into the front room.
But that was just to show it there was nothing in there.
You could hear her explaining it wasn't exciting.
We don't own cats.

And the cat bed, and cat toys they just brought home?
Yes, those confused me too.
But they didn't like the blankets, so they needed something better.
Just for now, just until they move on.
We don't own cats.

Ignore the cat treats and the pettings.
Ignore the photos and the loving.
Ignore the evidence, I swear.
It isn't true, none of it.
We don't own cats.