Ooh, ooh, it's you you you who's my new kind of decadant conspiracy,

straight-edged with a sway in your step.

A taste of romanticide in suicide gardens

and lily-sweet kisses

and thousands of pardons - no, never mind,

my dear you're far too old and far too fallen to stay,

and what kind of girl likes to linger anyway?

A bad girl yes you whore no go ahead

and scream for your mommy, you know she's not coming.

Jack and Jill went up up up the hill

to fetch a pail of what was it anyway? Water or bloodbath

if you shut your eyes

you know they taste the same

amid the wrath of those who disregard their name.

Alice in the looking glass

she always stares back at me,

and there's a power in her gaze

and I know that I'm to blame

for letting you down, Alice, letting you drown!

Alice oh Alice please hold my hand

and take me back but it's not, it's not you.

Someday maybe I'll see you again,

my friend,

my once-upon-a-time in a bottle,

you model a slick kind of truth in your lies -

girls kissing girlies and marmalade dollies and

what did you say for filth is all that I hear.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's what I prefer,

Alice oh Alice

wherefore art thou Alice?

I miss you, you know that,

Jill and I cry

enclosed in my

close little room all alone

with only the ghosts of seconds

and minutes gone by

who count our souls as a strange

kind of home -


You're screaming my name,

but I'm too filled with (no) shame

to care anymore, to swear anymore

that you're my only hope, my only morphine.

See Jack Run

and see Jill tumble after, slipping and tripping

up a mountainside filled with rocks and weeds

and spiders and there she goes, there she goes,


and into the cave, into her grave,

Alice I miss you I want you back home

because Jill is now nothing but meat and some bones

and I crouch in the forest playing with toy horses

while wind flurries branches and

centrifugal forces but although the sky

is grey and grey I still can't find a better way

from here and to you, and Alice,

oh Alice,

Jack is lying with spinal twigs snapped

and Jill she was mangled as soon as she mapped

the last place on earth we had left to go.

Alice, oh Alice,

what does lie below?