a/n: Hiiii everyone!!!! XD well this is my first poem up since I've been home from camp...and please give me some time to get back to my usual standards...go easy on me...hehe...I just had a lot on my mind...So R&R me, I'll R&R you. enjoy.

--pammy--- x3


You've had miracles before

Where you finally saw the light

Or something opened the door

And each time was for good

You promised, you crossed your heart

But each time was for worse

All of your playing pretend

Knowing we were enemies

And acting like best friends

I couldn't tell you to go away

Because it was my fault anyway

And if I would just see things your way

Everything would be okay

So I lied for you and covered for you

Told myself what you said wasn't true

It's not my fault and I'm not so bad

But your screams drowned out the voice in my head

Then you went and took it too far

You finally packed and left me alone

I was finally on my own

I found my voice hiding in the back of my heart

Got myself together and stopped being torn apart

Now I hear that you're coming around

And I can't lock my door in an attempt to lock you out

You'll tell me I got your hopes up

Ask me why you're not good enough

And I'll freeze and tell you it's okay

You'll remember the good times, the calm before the storm

But I can't remember anymore

You got my hopes up when you changed

You got my hopes up when you said you'd stay the same

You got my hopes up when you said forever

And now I hope I can say that it's over