Crumpled love letter

I wish I could take back that image of weakness

when I crumbled before your eyes and cried

Letting my broken heart bleed freely on your T-shirt

a mask of hurt and pain lased my mind

It happens all the time even though I hide it behind attitude and adrenalin rush

In that hush between darkness and dusk I hide

Burying my fears in activities to deny the pain I get when I think of you

Trying not to accept the fact that today we're finally through

You've packed all your C.D's and hats in a box and locked the door behind you

The next morning I found your key on the floor outside in plain site of the empty spot where we once kissed goodnight the spot where we had our very first fight

And I slam the door vowing to my self I'll never fall for that no more

Knowing the lie when I taste it on my tongue

Biting back the anger as I grind my teeth to dust

I can hardly breathe in here no more

This apartment reeks of us

Taking all the thoughts and retorts I long to say

I write them angrily slashing the words from my mind and throwing them away

Bleeding my pain into the paint brush clutching it in a choke hold

Imagining the pain it'd cause you but I'm hurting myself too