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The Best Day Of My Life

Some think that when you look back at things, generally you have a tendency to laugh. Others would argue the opposite – that things are always worst when replayed repeatedly in your mind. I, on the other hand, disagree with both. For I don't look back anymore. My past is neither laughable nor worth shedding tears over. My present is, in no way shape or form a platform on which the foundations for a new and better future can be laid and built upon – and nor will it ever be this. For my future, ends now.

The three most important things in most people's lives are their family, their friends, and their education. Your family you have known all of your life; they're the people whom you grew up with, love and trust. They're your past. Your friends are the reason you stick out another day and they're that reason only, they are everything. They're your present. Finally your education forms the basis for the rest of your life, it moulds what you will ever do and who you'll be. It is your future.

Obviously I say 'most people's lives' indicating that this does not stretch to everyone - me for example. Fortunately there's only one of me, a problem of which will be rectified soon enough. 'Why?' do you ask? That's simple enough…I have no past, present or future.

I remember growing up when I was young, naïve and stupid. That is before I learnt the most important lesson of all - if you don't want to get hurt, then get out of the house - I wasn't very old when that lesson sunk in, I'm sure it would dawn on you pretty quickly too. Unfortunately I can remember…

Mum ranted and raved about what I did wrong…"Where did we go wrong with you? You're useless! Just get out of my sight and maybe come back when you're someone else!"

Dad, on the other hand, preferred the physical approach…"Maybe that will teach you in future!" He'd say as his fist connected with my face, as in turn I connected with the floor. My childhood was as black as my face.

Now I know it's easier not to remember anything.

You would've thought that that was enough to tell me not to trust and not to love. No. I needed friends to teach me that. The only two I've ever had, and she cheated on me with him. I knew it was too good to be true. All things in life are.

He was my opposite: popular, good looking, happy and smart. She was all he was too. I don't know if anyone has ever used you before, but I'd hope for your sakes that they haven't. She left me a note in class - glaring off a piece off torn file paper informing me that he was the only reason she ever even spoke to me. It was quite apparent who he preferred when neither spoke to me again.

Now I know that you can't trust anyone, and now I know what love is.

I hated "home" and I had no one at all, were you really expecting school to be any different? Get real. What with an abusive family and no friends - lets just say that what little attention I had for school was virtually non existent.

My time was allocated to the back of classrooms, skulking and just generally avoiding everything. During my third year things got worse, work got more difficult and you could say, so did I. The back of the school kitchens made for an excellent smoking spot between lessons, and even better when in the lessons I hated. If I'm going to fail anyway, there's no point trying. Hell. I failed what I did try in.

Now I know that it doesn't matter in the end.

Today - though non of it matters - because all of the stinging pain, like salt burning in an open sore, I wont be able to feel again, or anything else. Ever. Because the one bit of my life, which offers any relief for me at all, is death. Ironic isn't it? Pathetic more like.

This is why I've never really lived at all, and why now I know it was worth it all along, this day, here, now, is the best day of my spectacularly pointless life. The end of all I have ever known, I leave nothing behind for those who don't care, even If I wanted to write a suicide note in the vain hope of making someone feel guilty, it would not be read. And so in my last moments of life on this stupid pain-enduring planet I will simply look forward to the end.

Some say goodbye when doing what I am.


I say good fucking riddance.