So strong
So fortified
Or so I thought
Until the glisten green kryptonite
Shone from your aura
And I tumbled
Deep down inside

Stone upon stone
The walls remain erect
Surrounding me
Shielding me
Covering the truth
The gentle bleeding
Deep down inside

If statues could cry
You'd be the teardrop
Rolling down my sculpted cheek
You'd be the stalactite's shrieks
You'd be the termites
Eating away the beams that support me
Deep down inside

Foolish, foolish child
Within a womanly countenance
A fa├žade of independence
Fabricating maturity
Pretending that I am impenetrable
Deep down inside

Oh the harsh truth
I am thwarted by obsession
Weakened by flattering
The superficial things that I disdain
I, the homely, preening in vanity
I, the rational, paranoid and capricious
Deep down inside

The unhandled
I am in your hand
Secretly wishing for so much more
So much in denial
For so long not seeing
How I crave you
Deep down inside

So strong
So fortified
Or so I deceived myself
So much in denial
For so long not believing
How you consume me
Deep down inside