Awaken me—


I dream,

remembering it all.

It plays in my head,

on endless repeat.

I thought I had escaped—



Those days.

The helplessness,

the pain.

I thought I'd moved on,

that the scars had healed…


And I'm wrong,

like all the times before.

Like always,

as you loved to remind me.


Awaken me from this eternal nightmare.



I dream

of you,

of the days before,

when you were kind

and I so young.

Where did it all go wrong?


Tell me—


Tell me.

I need to know.

Tell me.


And I cannot wake.

This is not a dream,

or a memory—


I am awake

and I've not yet escaped.

You still hold me fast—

all an illusion,

my flight and freedom—

Morpheus, you cruel man—

Persephone, sweet queen,

I think I ate a pomegranate.


Awaken me…

Let this be a dream.