bass drum

No, it's just the wind
The tree outside your window
Don't be scared, have no fear
For tonight, I'll be here by your side

And you, can cry
But the monsters won't go away
Till you, won't cry
But I'll be here by your side

In the light, of the moon
Nightmares tend to escape rationality
Fiction transcends reality
In the night...

bass drum alone

No please, don't cry
I'll be your knight, here now
Look and see, nothing left to fear
So please, don't cry

It's quite a lot to handle
And I'll be the first to admit
I didn't make it myself
Without help, that is

Just remember all that I said
And you'll make it, just fine
And tonight, I'll lie by your side
So you're just fine

Save it for another night
For now, God can't hear us
So sleep...tight!