Winds of Fate

Chapter 1

Sitting under the tree that had become his favorite place in the park, Kylie flipped to the next page in his text book. This was the one week anniversary of his first visit to this spot. In that time, he had come to love studying in the park. It was quiet, comfortable and he usually accomplished more here than sitting at the desk in his apartment. But not today.

Unable to focus on the text in front of him, Kylie raised agitated green eyes to look around the park. The tree that supported him sat atop a small grassy rise. The parks meandering path curved by on his left. To his right the river murmured to itself as it rushed past. His eyes passed over all this seeking the footbridge that spanned the river and the now familiar blonde head. With a sigh Kylie wondered at the strange twist of fate that left him searching for a person he'd never met.

It was his first time at the park, and Kylie had come with a group of his college buddies to work on a project. Tony was sharing a dirty joke with him while Lisa ran ahead. Reaching the tree she called out to them, taunting.

Kylie didn't need to say a thing to Tony; a simple glance was all it took for them to understand. Together they tackled Lisa. Tony managed to pin her arms behind her back while Kylie straddled her legs, tickling. Lisa squirmed and squealed for a minute before giving a kick, which sent all three tumbling across the grass. Kylie found himself on top of Tony with Lisa pinning them both.

Her laugh of triumph was cut short as Tony complained of being crushed and gave a sudden heave. Lisa scrambled off her friends, apologizing until Tony accused her off weighing a ton. She stared at him, dumbfounded, for a second before the group dissolved into laughter. Breathless, they finally settled down and turned happily to the project at hand. Kylie had become completely absorbed in the work they were doing, when a sharp pain in the back of his head distracted him.

"Ouch!" He cried reaching back to rub the sore spot.

"What's up Kylie?" Lisa asked.

"Something just hit me on the back of my head," He complained indignantly.

Tony laughed, "Mother nature's trying to knock some since into you."

"Oh ha ha, very funny," Kylie grumped.

Lisa reached around him and plucked something from the ground. "Must have been this," she reasoned holding up a paper airplane.

Still frowning Kylie took the offending piece of origami. "So you're the culprit," he accused, glaring balefully at the inanimate object, causing his friends to giggle at his antics.

"Stop grumbling and let's get back to work," Lisa said tapping the poster they'd been working on.

Flashing a sheepish grin Kylie hastily stuffed the plane in his book bag, returning his attention to his classmates and the assignment that needed to be finished. The plane was soon forgotten as they discussed the most effective layout for their poster.

"Perfect," Lisa declared a little over an hour later, "Ours will be the best presentation."

"Especially with our man Kylie handling the speech," Tony commented dramatically throwing an arm around Kylies shoulders.

"I'm the best speech giver in the entire school," Kylie enthused thumbing his chest proudly.

"Oh I wouldn't go that far," was Tony's reply.

Kylie deflated before grasping dramatically at his chest, "Ah I've been wounded. Betrayed by my friend."

Tony was grimacing and Lisa who had been trying not to laugh failed. Her giggles where contagious and had the others laughing moments later.

"Ham," Tony accused between laughs. Kylie could only nod trying to catch his breath.

"Time for me to go. I'll see you both in class tomorrow," Tony threw a quick salute to his friends and headed home.

Lisa carefully rolled up the poster and stood. "See ya," She said giving Kylie a one arm hug and grin.

"Bye, be careful going home," He said returning the embrace. Lisa nodded and headed off down the path.

Taking one last breath of the fresh air Kylie gathered his bag and started for home.

Keys jangled as Kylie unlocked the door to the apartment he shared with his old high school buddy.

"Hey Devin, I'm home!" His call was greeted with silence. Humph, must be out, Kylie thought closing the door behind him and flipping a switch illuminating the living room. Papers lay scattered over the coffee table and a guitar sat, leaning forlorn, against the ugly couch. A pizza box was on the floor next to the table. Devin must have been working on his music again.

Continuing further into the apartment, Kylie didn't bother to turn on the hall light but hit the switch just inside his bedroom door. He dropped his book bag on his bed, without looking, his eyes on the posters of various plays and musicals that decorated his walls.

Devin had been bugging him about starting a band, with Kylie as the lead singer. Kylie was a good vocalist but his real passion was for acting. Still, it could be fun and would make Devin ecstatic.

Plopping down on his bed, Kylie turned to sort through his books but paused looking at the crumpled piece of paper that had fallen out of the bag. Hmm, what's this? Kylie wondered picking it up.

"Oh right! The paper plane." He exclaimed as memory returned. He turned another of his glares on the crumple mess and walked across the room. With a shrug he dropped the plane in the trash can beside his desk. As the plane began to fall Kylie noticed that something was written on the wings. Curious he fished the plane back out and sat down.

Brows furrowed he carefully unfolded and smoothed the paper until it lay flat lit by the last rays of sun coming in through the window above his desk. The page was dated at the top and was followed by what looked like a journal entry. Kylie's eyes scanned back and forth as he read the words written there. It told of a visit to the library and the interactions of the various people who were there. Kylie laughed at the description of a failed flirtation. Kylie was so preoccupied that he didn't hear the front door open and close.

"What'cha reading?" Devin asked peering over his friends shoulder, causing Kylie to jump and give a strangled cry of surprise.

"Jesus Devin! You scared me half to death," Kylie snapped, breath a little ragged, "Don't sneak up on me like that."

"I didn't sneak up on you!" objected Devin blue eyes going cold, "It's not my fault you weren't paying attention."

"You're right, sorry for snapping at you." Kylie was quick to apologize. He really hadn't meant to snap and wondered at the intensity of his own reaction.

"Nah, we're cool," Devin said messing Kylie's spiked red hair for payback, "So what had you all distracted?"

"Nothing," Kylie responded casually, "Just some homework."

"Ok, well I've got my own homework to do. Later."

As Devin left the room Kylies eyes were once again drawn to the paper. He wasn't sure why he hadn't shared it with his best friend. It just felt like something he needed to keep to himself for now. He was fascinated by the mind behind these thoughts. I wonder who wrote it, he thought.