A Message to the Church

Part One: Outreach

As with my school's computer and dial-up internet, people are hard to connect with. In the United States of America, there is an increasing problem with outreach ministries. Christians now-days, seem to more shove the gospel down peoples' throats rather than to show the love that really touches people. I believe that this is the main reason why Christians are persecuted so much in the US.

The whole idea is not to ambush people with Christianity, but it is to find a common connection between you and your target. An effective outreacher doesn't broach the subject, but simply befriends the unsaved. Jesus was a model example of this, supping with Nicodemus (a tax-collector) and befriending many other sinners.

It is by His example that we should love people. If we do this, people will start wondering exactly what it is that we have that is so different from what they have. Eventually, they will bring up that exact question and you will have an opportunity to share your faith.

When the subject is finally talked about, try sharing your personal testimony with them. It lets them know that they are not alone in being lost, and that there is always hope. Also, you should reaffirm that God loves them and you do too.

If there was any better way to reach somebody for Christ, Christ would have found it first 2000 years ago.

Part Two: Churches

I very much notice a problem, when I hear people talking about their first time in church. Often they are rejected by the church because of their style of clothing, body piercings, tattoos, and general appearance. My friends, this should not be the case.

Other times, they are put off by the "burn in Hell" routine that the Faction continually preaches. Yes, sin has its consequences, but the reason people don't make heaven is because they refuse Jesus. That "burn in Hell" thing is the reason is that they do not want to be called a Christian.

With that kind of preaching, what kind of Jesus are we showing the masses? A false Christ! As true Christians, we have to have a spirit of acceptance for people. We may not like what they choose to do, but we always, always must love the people.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself," Jesus says. 1st Corinthians says that of faith, hope, and love, the greatest of these is love. Condemning people isn't showing that love. It never has been compatible with core Christian values, it isn't compatible now, and it will never be compatible.

Though I am in no position to offer advice, I will anyway because I feel it is necessary. Aside from taking in all who come to the Church for help, try adopting a slogan that shows your love. My personal slogan is this, "There are no throw-aways in the Kingdom of Heaven."

For now, that is all I can say. I felt that the Lord has put that on my heart, and now I've said it. Let your love shine, and good bye.