To those who have read and enjoyed my fiction, it has been great to hear your thoughts and your insights over the years. Although it was originally a fanfiction for an obscure show in disguise as "original fiction", it became its own piece over time and there are situations and personal difficulties in the story that could be comforting/relatable to those reading it. Particularly situations such as coming out, living in a dysfunctional household and lack of social connection are all universally felt and 2/3 of these situations I have experienced myself.

To Someone, I recently received your comment and always enjoyed reading your thoughts on this story. I'm glad that you found it cathartic and that it touched you to some degree! The characters in the original series they were based off of were very two-dimensional and stereotypical - and the show was only on for a few minutes - so I became interested in fleshing them out in my head. That interest developed from simply imagining these scenarios towards wanting to write them out via fanfiction. However, the fanbase for said television show was so small and limited, and it was unlikely to there to be a budding fandom for it on . So I changed the names of the characters slightly and wrote them in a situation that I was hoping to see happen in canon. Fortunately, Rich, Gavin, Holly, etc. were a lot more fleshed out and complex than their canonical counterparts.

Unfortunately, my interest in continuing the story waned, as the characters no longer grabbed my interest with the same intensity as before, and I directed a lot of my attention towards my work at university. The story was written when I was around 15 to 17, maybe, and the situations were all very relatable to me growing up with a developmental condition and hermit-ish tendencies. It was a story of its time, where being a goth was more than acceptable and "popular boy/girl falls for an outcast" fictionpress pieces were all the rage and it fit right into that criteria! Fortunately I still write, mainly scripts and little pieces here and there, but most of my work is art-related these days so I am still continuing a creative process - it's just more of the visual kind.

For any of you curious as to how Tearing Me Through would have ended, I imagined that after months of bickering, Rich and Gavin would have hooked up for a year or two. Gavin's neurosis and Rich's obliviousness would have resulted in them being the ridiculous on/off couple that every social group has, and after a while due to applying to seperate universities and social changes, they would part ways on amiciable terms. I imagine that Rich would grow up to become more tolerant, possibly become the UK equivalent of a fratboy and would probably take up a BA in Social Science. I imagine he will meet up casually with Ed and Holly now and then for drinks/meet ups, but I imagine he will have grown apart from his merry band of boys he hung about with.

Gavin would probably slowly grow out of the gothic lifestyle and probably take a degree in Comparative Literature while forming a band on the side with some friends from art school. I don't feel like he would keep in touch with Mona and Sabrina but I feel he and Alan would still be strong. He and Hayley would probably still speak every now and then, despite their great differences! Hahaha. Even though the directions they take would become vastly different over time, I don't think either will be able to forget one another and the experience of being together will always stay with them.

Anyway, again - to those who have read and enjoyed my thinly veiled fanfiction, I'm glad you enjoyed it and a big part of my enthusiasm was inspired by the discussion that came from the reviews section and the desire to entertain. I'm pleased that you were, and I hope you find more entertaining works of fiction in future, whether in fanfic form or original fiction.