How To Screw Up Your Life: 101

By Storm December


A/N: This story has M/M ships in it. If you don't like it, don't read it!!! You have been warned. If the summary didn't give it away already. ;-)

Summary: Step 1: Fall In Love With Your Best-Friends Older Brother. Hey, I'm Luke and I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of how to, not so much screwing up your life in a screwed up sort of way, by taking you on a journey through my own life.

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Step 1:

Fall In Love With Your Best Friends Older Brother

Now I know what you're thinking 'that's not that bad' right. Well then let me explain. Charlie, my best friend, has an older brother who happens to be a senior, not to mention football quarterback, at our school, Trojan High School. 'Yeah, I know, laugh it up. Just know that the reject who named it, is in incessant hiding somewhere from a mob of angry high school students. Every time we have a football game the opponents do their own rendition of that damn Trojan Man commercial, and it makes everyone want to bash their faces in a little more each time. How's that for school spirit.'

But anyway you're still not getting it huh, the whole love best-friends brother and why this is a bad thing? Hum. Well perhaps you miss the part where I'm a GUY and a FIFTEEN year old FRESHMEN at that!! Yeah, let's see you walk around with a bloody grin on your face if you were me. Not bleeding likely.

So how did this all start, you may or may not be wondering, which doesn't really matter 'cause I'm gonna' tell you anyway. Well when we were younger Charlie and I, oh and by the way my name is Luke and I'll be teaching this important and oh so useful class, just thought I'd let you know, might be important at some point (hehe!) I never did aspire to become a teacher.

Anyway Charlie and I found out that he had an older brother, Scotty though he prefers Scott, who was living with their mother, Judith, for the pasted seven years. Charlie and I were about six years old when Judith decided she was tired of raising a child "by herself", even though her ex-fiancé was doing it, and wanted to live her life with her new husband and Scott's stepfather, Davie, alone without having to worry about a grubby snot-noise kid. Her words, not mine mind you. So, Scott at the age of nine was shipped away, or rather flown away, to come and live with Charlie and their father, Nathe. Both of whom he's never met, as far as he knows, or heard of before in his life.

See when Nathe and Judith broke up she took Scotty away from Nathe without telling him where they were going or even letting him say goodbye. As a matter of fact he didn't even know if Scott was actually his or not but he still loved him like he was. He tried to find her for years, but his attempts were futile. Then after a while he just, kind of lost hope of finding them.

So when she phoned him out-of-the-blue saying her motherly instincts had dissipated and she didn't want 'his' child anymore, he was more than a little shocked. 'Yeah they dissipated alright, they got sucked out along with the fat she had removed from her ass if you ask me. That women is a witch plain and simple. '

But anyway she told him Scott was on a plane coming from New York, where she lives, to Connecticut, where we live, with a fraternity-test he never knew she had, in Scott's luggage and said that he was his problem now then hung up. She didn't even tell him when the plain was meant to arrive, what he looked like or anything, she just hung up and I can safely say that to this day I have never seen Mr. Nathe Charles Nikodemos as pissed as he was that day. If that women, and I use that term loosely, was in front of him at that moment I do believe he would have killed her. But, he was thankfully that he would be the one to raise his son from know on. So he packed us up in his car, I was staying with them that week while my mom was out of town, and drove us to the airport to pick up his newly acquired son and Charlie's new brother.

When we got there it took us almost two hours to find out which flight he was on. It turned out that the plane had landed four hours ago and the airline was running ragged trying to figure out where he was suppose to go since they apparently couldn't reach his mother. 'It seems she forgot to call Nathe when she actually put Scotty on the plane. Scotty was already at the airport for TWO HOURS by the time she phoned Nathe. I told you the woman was a witch!"

When we entered the room they had him in we found Scotty huddled in a corner, his backpack clutched to his chest with his face burred in it crying his eyes out and rocking back and forth. Nathe walked over to him and scooped him up in his arms holding him close and tried to console him and calm him down. About a half hour or so later, when Scott had calmed down enough to talk, he pulled a piece of paper out of his backpack.

"My…sniff… mommy told me to…sniff, sniff… give this to you. It's the fratern…hiccup…ity-test. She said you're my father…sniff… and you have to take me…sob… even if you…sniff… don't want to." Scotty finished on a sob. Nathe held Scotty closer rubbing his back trying to calm him down again.

"No matter what your mother said or what that fraternity-test may say, I'm your dad, and I'll always want you, love you, and take care of you just like your younger brother Charlie…" Nathe was saying but was interrupted as he was finishing.

"Yeah, we take care of each other 'cause dad said that what families do, and your part of the family now so that's what you do too. And this is my best friend Luke, but he's like our brother too so we take care of him and he takes care of us. You'll get the hang of it, it's real easy actually dad says it's just like that when you care about someone. And you always care about your family so you'll see. Luke's mom's like that too so you'll like her, but she's out of town right now though so Luke's staying with us. We're gonna' have a blast you'll see," Charlie said finally taking a breath. Nathe had his face in his hand, laughing at his son's enthusiasm.

"Hi," Luke said shyly.

"Hi," Scotty said just the same.

"You could be our best friend too if you want, I've always wanted an older brother. We always have fun too and daddy always lets us do cool things." Charlie said with a grin on his face, trying to entice his older brother.

"I never had…hiccup… best friends before, and mom never let me do anything fun." Scotty said with a little smile. "Ok. We can be best-friends, and I'll be the best older brother." He said holding out his hand to be shaken, which Charlie and Luke shook in turn.

After that we just started talking non stop, all through Nathe convincing the airline and the security guards that it was safe to let Scotty go with him, all through retrieving Scotty's luggage and all the way home. Though at home our energy evaporated and we wound up crashing out on the living room floor not even ten minuets after we arrived. That's a day that I'll remember for the rest of my life.


Now you might be thinking that Scott's one of those brothers who treats his little brother and his friends like shit, but that's not so. He really took what Charlie said to him to heart, he made an oath that day and he's never gone back on it. We really do protect each other, even Nathe, who even I call dad.

Now he may be a great older brother and all, but that very likely could all change if he found out about my feelings for him. I mean he's the straightest you can get without actually becoming a man-whore. And I don't even know if any of the Nikodemos will accept the fact that I'm… inclined to the male persuasion. I'm almost sure they will, and I'm probable just being stupid. But there's still that doubt. I guess there's only one way to find out, but I hope it's not any time soon. And with Travis having moved in with them at the beginning of the school year after what his mother did to him, they have enough on their plates without me worrying them with my problems. Maybe I should start with telling my mom and go from there. Funny that seems easier.

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