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Step 12:

Witness The Pain Of The One You Love Break, Then Scramble To Collect The Pieces Before They All Drift Away

Well… This step is…yeah.

'Eww gag, she smells like cigarette smoke and too much perfume.'

"Would…" I try to say but she cuts me off.

"Oh Charlie, how I've missed you! I tried to see you yesterday, but that man wouldn't let me," she says and it's utterly disgusting how fake she sounds.

'I'm actually thankful Charlie isn't the one enduring this spectacle.'

"You little cheat it doesn't take tha…" I hear Scott yell in amusement before he comes to a startled halt.

"What the hell are you doing here? And get your hands off of him!" he says coldly, his voice rising slightly at the end.

Judith's arms go a bit slack and I can breathe again. I move back as much as I can to see her frowning before her face clears.

"Scotty!" she says slapping the pseudo smile back on her face.

"Don't call me that, and I said let him go," he growls marching over to us and snatching me away from her.

"Scott look…," Judith starts but is cut off.

"No you look. We don't want or need you here. So just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and leave us the fuck alone," he says through clenched teeth pushing me back as he backs up presumably to close the door.

"Scott wait I just want to talk. Get to know you guys, see how you've been," she wheedles putting her foot and hand against the door.

"Oh like you care. Jeezs haven't you done enough," he snaps at her.

"Of course I care," she snaps back.

"You lying bitch," Scotts voice raises and he yanks the door open and crowds her personal space.

"You never gave a fuck about us. All you ever did when I lived with you was complain about how we ruined your life, and you didn't even know Charlie. You fucking still don't," Scott yells his face turning red.

"Well I would if you and your fuck father would let me," Judith shouts back her loving mother veneer shattering around her.

"Why the hell would we do that?! So you can use him then throw him away when he's no good to you anymore. You're like a fucking black hole. You do nothing but suck the life out of people until they have nothing left to give. You almost did it to my father, and you almost did it to me. Luckily we both got the fuck away from you in time. Why the hell do you think nobody wants you? Not even your fucking parents want you anymore, and the best you could do for a husband in Davie. You're like a fucking parasite," Scott roars crowding her even the more.

I stand there wide eyed and frozen, and have no clue what to do. I vaguely wonder where the hell B.B. and Finn are. 'They can't possibly not be hear this!' All of a sudden Judith's arm swings and her hand slaps Scott across the face. His cheek blossoming as she commences screaming at him.

"Shut up! Don't you fucking talk to me like that! Just shut the fuck up," Judith shrieks at Scott and he registers neither her slap nor words as he continues in lower tones, barely breaking his stride.

"And you want to know why Judith," Scott snarls through gritted teeth.

"You want to know why you are the way you are? Because you're dead and hollow inside, and the only way you can feel life is to try and take it from someone else. You're pathetic and you know it and you despise yourself for it. You're despicable and you're nothing. But you know you can't change it, so you just try to bring everybody else down to wallow in the torment that is your existence with you," he finishes in a quiet sneer.

Judith stands there leaning away from Scott, looking wide eyed at him stunned. Then she snaps out of it her face getting red and her eyes sharp with anger. She shoots them towards me before looking back at Scott.

"Well my life was just fine before you ever came along, and my relationship with my husband was just fine too before you became such a little slut. Why do you think I'm fighting so hard for Charlie when I never fought for you, huh? See not everyone's as much trouble as you Scotty and besides I doubt Charlie's as much of a little whore either, and even if he is I bet he'd keep is fuck mouth shut about it," Judith says in Scott face, her voice starting off a whisper then getting louder.

'I can barely fathom how this…evil women can be anyone's child let alone someone's mother.'

"But not you could you? You're such an attention seeking little bastard, always so winy and fucking needy. Mommy, mommy Davie yelled at me. Mommy, mommy can we leave here? Mommy, mommy Davie hit me. Mommy, mommy Davie touched me," she says the last so quietly that I can barely hear her; her face so close to Scott's there's scarcely a breath between them.

I see all the air leave Scott's body and his back snap straight moving him away from Judith, 'her words hitting him far harder than her hand ever could', and her face drops slightly with the realization of what she's said. Distantly I hear the back door slam and out of the corner of my eye see B.B., Charlie and Finn enter into the room with laughter and smiles that disappear quickly at the sight before them.

"Scott," I hear B.B. say on an exhaled breath and I see Scott swallow thickly.

"You are one of the sickest, evilest people I've ever set my eyes upon, and I'll die before I let you anywhere near my little brother," Scott whispers so quietly that if it wasn't for the dead silence I doubt he would've been heard.

He backs up slowly never taking his eyes off of Judith, and then starts closing the door. 'Well that must have broken the spell for Judith because she's opening her fuck mouth again.'

"Scott wait I didn't mean…"

Is the last thing we hear before the door closes in her face. Scott stands there for a couple of seconds before turning around and walking slowly over to and up the stairs never looking at any of us. His face is so pale he looks like Judith sucked the life right out of him, 'just like he said she does', and my heart completely breaks. It's not until he's out of sight that I turn to look at the others.

"Where were you," I ask my voice cracking and I swallow thickly.

"W… we were out back I wanted to show them the new patio-swing, and and…we started playing around. I didn't…," Charlie trails off looking ashamed and I feel even worse not meaning to make him feel bad.

"Shhh," B.B. intones running her fingers through Charlie's hair then wrapping her arm around him and pulling him close to her side.

"What happened," Finn asks in a subdued voice.

"I…I think she broke him," I say my voice breaks again and my eyes water.

I blink rapidly a few times before I glance at them trying to give, 'I don't know, something', and failing, before following in Scott's foot steps up the stairs.


When I reach Scott's room I take a deep breath before knocking lightly. There's no answer so I knock again harder this time, and when I still get no answer I crack the door open and hear the shower running in his in suite bathroom. After closing the bedroom door behind me, I approach the cracked bathroom door and hear sobs coming from inside. I push it open a bit further peering in to see Scott through the semi-see through shower-curtain, standing in the spray with his head down crying and I don't think as I rush in and over to him. He jumps and looks up when he hears the door hit the bathroom wall then he grabs me, pulling me to him when I push open the shower-curtain and step in. I just hold onto him tightly as he sobs clutching me to him, and I run my hands over his back and hair in some semblance of comfort not saying a word.

I'm not sure how long we stood there before Scott calms down, but the water has gone freezing and our teeth are chattering. I hear someone in the room and look over at the door to see Nathe standing there with bleak sad eyes. He walks over and takes the big towel off the rack then retrieves one from the wall cabinet behind the door. He approaches us and shuts off the water before turning towards us.

"Come on guys. Let's get you dried off and warmed up," he says quietly setting the towels on the toilet seat.

Scott and I detach ourselves from each other, and he steps out first assisted by Nathe while I remove my clothes before follow.

"You can put on some of Scott's clothes Luke. I'll get them," Nathe says with his back to us, offering a form of privacy, and exits the bathroom.

I dry off then stand there wrapped in the towel shivering, waiting for Nathe to return. He comes back handing a set of clothes to Scott and I, and informs us that he'll be in the bedroom waiting, before leaving again shutting the bathroom door behind him. We dress in silence, but before Scott can open the door I pull him to me again and kiss him softly on the lips. Then press our foreheads together just breathing him in for a moment, before releasing him and opening the door. 'I don't know how else to help and it's the only thing I can think to do to let him know I'm here for him.' I step out into the bedroom to see Nathe sitting at the foot of the bed, and I stand there uncertainly not knowing whether I'm supposed to stay or not. 'I told you I'm new at this whole boyfriend thing, especially with a situation like this.'

I've barely finished my thought, when Scott comes up behind me taking my hand and pulling me over to the bed with him. He maneuvers me onto the bed laying me down on my back, and then climbs over me lying down at my side pulling me close to his chest and holding me tight. Nathe watches all of this, still seated at the foot of the bed and waits until we settle before speaking.

"Do you want to talk now or rest," Nathe asks looking from Scott to me, his voice still soft.

"We can talk now, I want to go ahead and get it over with," Scott says sounding drained.

"Alright let's start with you guys telling me what happened," Nathe says adjusting his position and getting more comfortable.

"Well when I was coming back from the bathroom I heard a knock at the door. I answered and it was Judith. She thought I was Charlie and pulled me into a hug," I start and at that I pause.

"Ugh I need a shower," I think and say out loud.

"You were just in the shower," Scott says with a slight twitch of his lips.

"Well a shower with a little less clothes and a lot more soap then," I say the corner of my mouth rising as well before I bit my lower lip not wanting to continue.

'I just want to stay this way, wrapped in Scott's arms and forget this day ever happened.'

"So what happened next," Nathe asks despondently, not really wanting to break the quiet calm either.

"I tried to tell her that I wasn't Charlie, but then she started spouting off crap about missing me, well him, whatever; that's when I heard Scott tell her to let me go," I inform resignedly, and over the course of a few hours we tell Nathe, with more tears shed all around, what happened when that witch came.

By the time Scott and I have finished our retelling of events and Nathe's told us about his resent confrontation with Judith, he's managed to migrate up the bed to sit in front of me offering us comfort. One of Nathe's hands is holding mine as he runs the other through Scott's hair, while Scott cries softly into the side of my neck clinging to me like a life line. My free arm is between him and the bed wrapped around his neck holding him to me just as tightly. Scott quiets down after awhile and I feel his arms go a bit lax around my waist. He sniffs, using one hand to wipe his eyes and Nathe hands him some tissue from the box on the nightstand by the bed.

"I'm going to look into how we can go about getting a restraining order against her. I think you'll have to be the one to file it though because you're eighteen, but it shouldn't be a problem. Especially after she…hit you," Nathe grounds the last part out.

"What about Charlie," Scott asks after composing himself.

"I'm going to see about getting one for all of us, but that one may be a bit harder since she hasn't actually had any contact with him that would present a need for one," Nathe says frowning.

"You can't let her near him," Scott says desperately.

"I won't don't worry. We'll figure something out," Nathe answers soothingly.

"I'll talk to your mom about it as well Luke, because I think you may need one too. She's getting frantic and I don't know what she'll do," Nathe says sighing.

"What does she even want," I ask suddenly.

"Why is she all of a sudden now so interested in being a "mom"," I finish my face scrunched in annoyed confusion.

"I don't know Luke, but that's a damn good question," Nathe says his eyebrows furrowing deeper.

"I'll have to see what I can dig up," he says more to himself than us, and I watch his eyes grow distant.

We dissolve into silence as we become lost in our thoughts, but I'm brought out of mine at the feel of Scott's arm pressing heavily against my stomach. I look over to see him sound asleep and smile sadly at how serene he seems.

'If only nothing could touch him in his waking hours, like in sleep. I wish he could find some semblance of peace.' And I run my fingers lightly over his face at the thought.

"Do you want to stay here and take a nap as well," Nathe whispers to me.

I jump at the sound of his voice having forgotten he was there, and I turn to him and nod before breaking into an unexpected yawn.

"Alright," he says with a small smile leaning over giving both of us a kiss on the forehead.

He runs his fingers through Scott's hair once more before rising and exiting the room, shutting the door quietly behind him.

'What a hell of a bloody day and it's probably barely one in the afternoon,' I think turning over. I may not have know what happened to Scott when he was living with his mother, but I sure as shit have a pretty good idea now. 'And more than half of me wishes that I never knew at all.' I wipe the tears from my eyes a bit angrily before tucking up under Scott's chin snuggling closer, and blank my mind of all thoughts before I drop off to sleep as well.


At some point during the afternoon I'm awaken by the feel of someone touching my head and back. I open my eyes hazily and turn over to see my mom sitting on the bed with misty eyes.

"Mmm wha' tim's it," I ask groggily rubbing my left eye.

"Going on five," she whispers sniffing a bit.

"I just came up to see you before I headed home. I brought you a change of clothes for school tomorrow, and you will be coming home after. I'd like to see my son once in a while you know," she says ruffling my hair with a smile.

"You have a son," I ask chuckling.

"Well I'm certain I was carrying around something that weighed a ton for nine months," she says back cheekily.

"Hey," I say silently in faux indignation as she laughs quietly.

"Are you okay," she asks rubbing my cheek with the backs of her fingers.

"Yeah, I'm more worried about Scott," I whisper and I feel my face along with my spirit fall.

"You should have seen his face mom, after what she said to him. It looked like his insides just… died," I say loosing my voice to a lump in my throat and I feel my eyes pricking again.

"Shhh, he'll get through this sweetie, and be stronger for it. You'll see. She can't break him. We won't let her," she says with finality and I nod sniffing.

"You go back to sleep love and I'll see you tomorrow," she says leaning over to give me a kiss.

I hug her backwards with one arm then she leans over and kisses Scott, before standing and leaving as quietly as she came. 'She's right I refuse to let that wretched bitch break my heart. HIM! I mean HIS heart.' I think as I wiggle back in place, and a final thought strikes me on that subject, 'from miniature me of course,' before I fall back to sleep.

'It really doesn't matter which one you say, you know they're all one in the same.'


The next time I wake it because I feel someone touching my face, and I notice the music playing before opening my eyes to see Scott looking at me as he caresses my cheek.

"Sarah McLachlan," I mumble snickering.

"Shut up," he says with a cork of a smile.

"And just how did you know it was her anyway? And half asleep I might add," he asks, his smile becoming more open.

I close my eyes and start snoring, pretending to be asleep. But my act is ruined when I can no longer hold in my laughter as he tickles me and I gasp for breath.

"Yeah that's not going to work," he says, softly laughing and my lack of oxygen is so worth it just for that beautiful sound.

He soon stops tickling me and I begin to catch my breath as he brings me back close, but I crinkle my nose up when I feel his lips there in a kiss.

"Thank you," he whispers close to my mouth before kissing me soft and light.

I don't know what to say so I just kiss him back. Then he lowers his forehead to mine and sighs lowering his eyes.

"She's a bitch," I say abruptly with severity.

"I already knew that," Scott says lifting his face from mine and brushing my hair out of my face before smoothing his fingers over my cheek.

"Well, she's a lying bitch who can't accept the fact that she fucked up her own life so she takes it out on others. Claiming false injustices done upon her to take the place of the hell and bullshit she puts other people through that she refuses to acknowledge," I say angrily all at once.

"Breathe," Scott says with a crook to his lips as he continues to stroke my cheek with his thumb.

I inhale deeply through my mouth about to catch my second wind, but it's obstructed by Scott's lips sealing mine. He kisses me deeply pulling me closer around my waist, and after a moment I slide my arm between him and the pillow and wrap both of them around his neck.

"Well today certainly wasn't the way I wanted your first time seeing me naked to be," Scott says rubbing his nose against mine with a self deprecating smile.

"I guess school wouldn't have been a bad idea after all huh," I say with a soft airy snort.

"Yeah, not bad at all," he says brushing his lips with mine.

"Or ditching school was a great idea and it's just that bitches fault," I grumble irritably.

'I refuse to except a world where ditching school to be with your family is ever a bad idea.'

Scott captures my lips kissing me so deep it makes my toes curl and steels my breath away, before breaking the kiss to speak.

"I don't want to talk about her, I just want to be with you," he murmurs in such a way that it makes my head spin and my heart pound loudly.

"Stay here tonight," he demands and asks all at once.

I can only nod as he dives in for another kiss, this one wetter and even deeper than before. With both of us only in boxers and a t-shirt it makes it quite obvious that I'm extremely hard, but I take comfort in the fact that I feel him hardening as well and my hips twitch into his as his hand moves to my waist. He pulls my hips closer grinding us together and I inhale sharply at the sensation. His lips move over my jaw and down my neck and he sucks the spot just behind my ear adding teeth to nibble a bit.

"Scott," I gasp as I feel his hand tugging at the waistband of my boxers.

"Let me get lost in you," he asks almost begging as he kisses his way back up to my ear.

"Let me see that it can mean something good. That it could be love. Let me see that it can be beautiful," he whispers achingly.

"You're my only peace," he moans into my ear on a whisper.

I hesitate a moment, not completely understanding, but swallow thickly then nod. Wondering silently if he means to go all the way.

"Thank you," he breathes into my mouth on a sob before sealing our lips together.

Scott continues to grind our hips together his hand just caressing my hip under the band. After long moments our speed picks up as we thrust against each other and I feel his hand wander to the front of my boxers feeling cool air wisp against my cock. I feel his fingers stroke over it lightly before I feel Scott's own cock pressed against mine, his large hand palming both of ours together. My breath catches and I let out a cry at the unfamiliar sensation bucking wildly until his other hand grasps my hip forcing me to stop.

"Shhh breathe," he pants flittering kisses over my face and I inhale sharply gasping for air.

"Just breathe," he murmurs rubbing our noses and faces together.

I continue to take deep measured breaths until they're even, then I nod placing kisses on him where I can reach.

"Okay," I say on a deep inhale and he applies another kiss before I feel his hand begin to move.

It takes no time for us to build back up to prior excitement, and even less time for me to climax with Scott's name flowing from my lips. He follows soon after breathing my name into my mouth, and his hand slows it stroking movements until it tapers to a stop. He releases us gently then shimmies out of his shirt and I lean back to give him room and see our seed stains on his shirt and stomach. 'As though he put his shirt over us as we came.' My thoughts are confirmed when I look down at myself and see nothing but sweat except for what's on my flaccid cock. Scott gets his shirt off and cleans us up with it, tucking us back into our boxers before tosses it over the side of the bed. Then pulling me in closer he buries his face in my neck inhaling deeply.

"Thank you," he mumbles into my throat his lips fluttering over my skin feather light.

Again I have no idea what to say, so I just press closer to him tucking my leg over his hip and kiss the spot below his ear. We continue to lightly kiss and caress each other until we drift off to sleep again. Though I must admit before I completely drift off, that while it was very, 'very', good, I'm slightly confused by the encounter.


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