Werewolves. Perhaps one of the most beloved Dark Legends, save next to Vampires of course. And then come Witches, and Wizards, followed by Warlocks, Sorcerers, and finally Sorceresses. But the foremost two are probably more important at the time.

Hello. My name is Bastion. I am a member of a secret society, unknown to humanity. It is called Vipers, but only those who walk in a path that combines Light and Darkness are accepted into it. For people like myself, my family, and the man who is both my mentor and my best friend. I believe I've said too much already. But, then again, this is a bibliography of sorts. And it is as much my story, as it is my best friends. And I do believe he should open it up, since he is the one who brought me into the, Vipers.

Chapter One


Israfel Allegheri


"Life waits for no one. This is something I've learned while being a Viper. Or rather, it was something that was reinstated while I've been a member of this "society", if you wish to call is that. But, no matter the word, humans would call it a coven. Something I've worked so hard to destroy. Covens, the despicable groups that house Vampires, Werewolves, and the sort."

But the one coven I've worked hard to raze is a coven called the New World Coven. The members of that coven made me a Vampire, but they didn't know about it until I killed their beloved Blood Mother. The "goddess" if you will.

Supposedly a direct descendant of the Vampire Queen of Egyptian mythology. If she was, then it is only fit that she should die in the exact same way as her predecessor before her. Ajaih was her name. The "Blood Mother" of the New World Coven.

She was indeed beautiful, but you must take out a snake by the head, not the body. And with their "Blood Mother" dead, they began to crumble. That was until, Annias came along. He was the former leader of the coven, but there had been a mutiny, and he had been denounced. He was powerful, and his aura was none the less.

I knew that he must have been an Ancient, because I'd never seen or felt an aura as strong as his before. And in some ways, I wish I had been wrong.

Annias was indeed an Ancient, but the Ancient of a horrible land. He was an ancient from the Mayan beliefs. And he had been the end of the Mayan people, all because of his and his brother lust for power and blood. In the end, the followers of Chac, the Mayan lightning god had locked them away.

But he had been able to break free, and he went first for his brother, who was in a weakened state. After having destroyed the only competition he would have in that country, he turned his eyes to the horizon, and realized that while he had been imprisoned and but into a forceful slumber, the world had changed.

He made his way to London, England and found the bloodlines of his distant sisters, calling to their now living descendants. They all came, seeking the power and shelter that this powerful aura could give. And one by one, he bit them, and hey changed. They changed from the domesticated beings they'd become, into the demonic beasts that the Ancients had been.

Some grew wings that sank into their skin, while others grew stronger, mentally and physically. Only a few did not take flight to this Ancient. They few that would become the Vipers. And, of course the four other Ancients that were still alive and able to contain their bloodlust.

The other four Ancients, the Egyptian goddess Vinesst, the Hindu goddess Raviska, the Greek goddess Ampheradyte, and the Cherokee goddess Seraminqua sought out a way to fight Annias. That tale is the beginning of my tale. They sought out a way to make Vampires with magic. Only, Annias caught wind of their plan, and he decided to make a Vampire just as they were planning to do. He decided to make a Vampire Queen for himself, and the girl he choose was my Beloved, Crystal.

I was chosen by both Vinesst and Ampheradyte. Ampheradyte also chose to bite my oldest sister Rachel, while my friend Kile was bitten by Raviska, and my younger sister was bitten by Seraminqua. Perhaps the fact that I was bitten by two Ancients is the reason I am still alive, while my siblings and friends are dead. But then again, they may still be an unsolved mystery that I have to solve. The mystery of why all that is label fiction and science fiction is actually …real.