My sorrowful joy
Seems to float
Like a blue melody
Upon the winds of time

And as the world erodes around me
And the sands of the world blow by
And my eyes slowly open

The quiet of the night
Embraces my soul softly
Her arms are cold and comforting

And the world is filled with silence
Meaning floods the dark, clouded sky
Like a hundred thousand butterflies
Upon soundless wings
And I can feel it all around me

The power of the empty places
Where the noise of life has receded
Like a tide seeping back out to sea
The empty glass of life resonates

Like so long ago
When my life was as an empty glass
And the noise of life had not yet filled me up
I find myself alone with my thoughts
And the vastness of the world is stifling

But loneliness was absent this time
It would seem out of place here
In this expanse of life

I have found a place or two where
The tides recede
The noise goes away
And where I am left with
Powerful silence
That resonates in my soul

A space between heartbeats
A blink of the eye
A long silent ride
To a quiet place

I have found the silence
That gives me my voice