Undying Memories

A memory

Is lost in time,

Stamped out, forgotten

By chance or necessity,

Too painful to remember

To powerful to



I see faces,

Dead flowers, angry voices

Where none exist

Or ever were.


Just bare walls,

Empty hallways

Filled with the pictures

Of my mind.


You remember,

Long to forget

Just as I do.


Memories never die.


Through the darkness

Foul fingers caress ,

Weaving ice around my heart,

Hiding away

In loneliness.


These memories entwine us,

Hold us in this world of pain,

All there is.


The past is now,

Not then.


One step forward,

Three steps back.

How long until

The steps reverse

So we can move on,

Free of the past?


Echoes in silence

We hear them

We know.

Mistakes of the past,

Chance to grow.


Help me make my memories

Not washes of pain,

Just a blink of an eye.


I will still remember

Invisible faces,

Tangent dreams.