it's not fair

I have a healthy diet and

I'm not the one scraping my throat with a toothbrush

I'm not the one stuffing my face in the toilet bowl

I'm not the one who stinks up the bathroom

neither am I the one who hops through meals

according to these books

I'm supposed to look good

because I'm getting the

desired amount of proteins

and carbohydrates and vitamins

(they forgot to mention fats)

so why am I insanely jealous

when I know she has

eating disorders

(they're so overrated anyway)

and can sashay down the hallways

in her stilettos

t u r n i n g

heads round and


(I guess they forgot to mention that too)

A/N: no offense to anyone with eating disorders out there. this is not meant to be sarcastic or anything to that extent. (: