I don't love you anymore,

I'm sure of it this time.

I don't need you to carry me,

Or dry my tears at night.

How I hate the way I hate you.

My love for you has left.

Why do you think I feel for you

When you give me no respect?

Love may come, love may go,

But my hate for you will stay.

You hurt my soul and wrecked my life

And for that, you shall pay.

One day a girl will break your heart,

Just as you did mine,

And she will then forever be

A thorn upon your vine.

She'll take your heart and stab it through

With no mercy in her eyes.

And you'll look up in dying shock

For this is love's surprise!

So slowly you shall fade away

And drift quickly from mind.

No one will recall your name

No love again you'll find.

And forever more your cursed soul

Will leave me to be me,

You'll destroy the life you hold

Because there's nothing left to be.

I don't love you anymore.

And I never will again,

So be quick in love; take it back

And give it to no one then.

For if your soul is taken,

And never given back,

Then your soul will be like mine,

Empty, chilling, dark, and black.