Saviour of mankind

Never let me see the suffering that I already know exists

Hide me away from civilisation

Is it because you're ashamed?

That I turned out the way I did

Or is it because you don't want me here?

I know what's out there

If you're plastic coating was to protect me

It made the whole ordeal much, much worse.

I know about the war, I know about starvation

I know about depression

And how it ruins someone's world.

I can see your pills all lined up in a row

Ready to swallow all ready to take

The blades you have used

Don't frighten me

I clear up after you and clean up all the blood

I try my hardest to make things better

But when I lye their alone, at night

With thoughts of this futile existence running through my head

I start to think.

You shouldn't be allowed to keep me

You pretend that you protect me

You wrap me up and keep me locked away to keep your sanity

I'm not a perfect daughter

I'll never be a perfect bride

But you're not a perfect mother

You'll never be a perfect "saviour of mankind."