he calls her beautiful and she grins in

self delight as those slender fingers spin his lust into

dreadlocks. beautiful as his hand slides sweaty

up her jeans. she's the girl you want to be, the girl

they want to touch.



she is high, beautiful, eyeliner running in the tears of

pain as another cigarette bubbles the skin of her tanned leg. how far

can you go, beautiful? she pulls the hood over sweat streaked

hair that runs down her back like rivers of sex. she's

erotic in the way she screams as his fingers trace shivers.



vomiting & beautiful, she's licking sour bruises off

her lips, making them shine with the sin he wants. stumbling

blindly with beautiful baby steps, her best friend catches her and

they hold each other while he watches, wanting the cuteness

to be replaced by the sex and drugs like what it was before.



two friends, beautiful, struggling to get out of the

basement they so often frequent. the green is choking their lungs,

burning and beautiful, the smoke hollows out the place their hearts

used to be. he wants to watch them go but can't, his hands

grabbing at taut stomachs with a lust they make stronger.



lips together, beautiful, he stares as they prove what love

is made of. they grin in self delight as slender fingers hook together, you wish that

they would be beautiful in your eyes too, but the night's almost

broken and they push away his hands and drive away into safety.

you want to be their world but all they leave you with is thanks for the ride.



they're oh so beautiful, but only to the killers.

(nice guys really do finish last)