Finding Voice

The ocean crashes in my ears,

The wind batters against my soul.

Noises assault me and yet,

A silence consumes me into a world

All its own.


My pen used to let me bleed,

Pour myself onto the pages,

All of the painful memories

Spilling out into symbols, letters

Giving my feelings life.


Now, all I feel is despair,

Shadows of the past

Dance around in my mind

To a song without sound

Without my words to give it voice.


When did the world become too much for me?

Words fail me, slip through my hands,

Each moment a tiny grain of sand

Spilling everywhere,

Everywhere but my blank page.


I listen for the words,

Those beautiful, comforting words

To come to be through the silence

Adding music and life to my world,

Making it bearable.


Tangled, knotted to impossibility,

I can't make sense of my feelings,

The emotions, ink upon the pages

Making up the blood of soul;

It is all lost to me.


Somehow I will make it through,

Find the words I seek lost within

A place overflowing with emotions,

Hiding what I so desperately seek.


I feel them.

They are somewhere,

Crying out for me

To set them free.