As you would guess, school on Monday was absolute chaos. Even getting there turned out a bit of a hassle. Waking up fairly late I had simply gotten up, got dressed then raced out the door, pulling my fingers through my hair in hopes of deterring the tangles. Getting to the stop right as the bus was leaving; I performed the biggest Spiderman stunt and raced after it. Sally took pity and stopped the bus, smiling at her gratefully I had jumped on in a rush, detangling my ipod on the way. Sliding into my seat, my leg had met with the now familiar bump, as I slid unceremoniously into Luke. Who had I been paying attention wasn't looking so great.

Noticing the odd stares I was getting from around the bus, I had taken out one of my earpieces to find the bus quiet, shrugging I turned back around and stuck it back into my ear, turning it off in the process. Suckers I thought as the drone of 40 whispers got to my ears.

So the party HAD been quite the bash. Apparently according to the year 8 boy behind me, I was the girl who had made out with Luke on the kitchen floor, right after I had left the room of a guy who was half undressed and sporting hickeys. To them I was a legend, to the girls in my year I was a whore. And since when did Year 8's sit at the back?

Not only was the story not true, but it didn't even make sense. I mean come on where was the little shit getting his weed, coz I really think he'd better take it back.

Luke huffed and I looked at him.

"Don't worry about it," I had said to him in an undertone, "It'll calm down by Lunch."

I hope.

Turned out that it didn't clam down, and I was now hunched forward over my lunch eating my sandwich, with my friends around me talking in hushed whispers.

"It's not true is it?", Val asked with a cock of the head.

"Val, the only reason she went was because we MADEher go. And besides you saw what happened you were THERE, I mean god how blonde can you get. I think she's just reacting to the gossip it has turned into. I mean clearly she….."

"Guy's, I am right here, I am a person, and. I have had it up to here with all the gossip!" I said, my voice escalating toward the end while I made a hand gesture as high as my short ass self could reach.

"I mean, really, like I would go for two guys at once, like I would go for a guy at all. They were all drunk and some were puking there guts up because of it. Others were puking their guts up when they didn't even have ANYTHING to drink. It was a party for Christ sake. And I mean, like I would ever go out with that retarded spoilt shit.Let alone make out with him in front of everybody. He stole my seat in the bus, He stole my seat in classes, He stole my seat at Jooce, Everyone thinks he's the shit and he's not even remotely good looking, he's just plain annoying and he's….," I stopped at the shocked looks on my friends faces and the fact that Eloise's face was bright red, "..and he's standing right behind me, huh?"

Eloise could do nothing but nod as I turned around, my own face going red.

"Oh god. Luke. I'm so sorry. I didn't…" I started to say,

"No, you know what? Save it. I don't care." He whispered harshly, before stalking off and into one of the class blocks.

"Jules?" Val said questioningly

" I didn't mean any of that. I didn't mean a single word. It's just he was pissing me off, they're all pissing me off." I said gesturing to the various groups around the yard. "I am so sick of all this controversial CRAP. And then he was just the cause of it."

I trailed off forgetting my train of thought.

"Just go and try to explain!", Val said.

So I did.


I was so pissed off. All I wanted to do was try and apologize, not that the blonde bimbo's who made the rumours are my fault. I'd like to think that "Bratz" had something to do with that. I swear those stupid dolls will be out to get us all one day, they've already gotten to younger girls.

I started walking quicker, I had mistakenly entered the Science block and turned down the corridor between all the labs. I could here Julia behind me, her feet pattering on the lino as she tried to not run to catch up with me. I turned right knowing I'd be greeted with a dead end. Julia stopped a ways behind me.

"Look, Luke. I really didn't mean what I said back there."

I didn't turn around just let my shoulders droop a bit and my back to slouch.

"Luke, Please turn around."

I stood still.

"Look, we still have that assignment to finish together, I really really don't want to make this awkward. I am so sorry…….Damn it Luke, Turn the bloody hell around before I…"

Then she shut up, because I DID turn around, and kissed her.