From the world of Zora Ink... Inspired to Creative Writing and A Million Ways by, OK Go.


I slipped into the dress, smoothing the creases and letting my fingertips wander over the smooth tears. For just a moment, I let myself remember that day. I let myself remember my pain, my satisfaction, as if it had just happened.

Pushing the memories back with a snarl, I allowed a scowl to cross my face. Sentiment would get me nowhere. They both deserved all that they got... I just wish that the price for that had not been so high.

Reaching into my bag, I grabbed the lip rouge and smeared some over my lips. Searching for a moment, I grabbed the netting that had been fashioned into leg wear and slipped it on.

Checking a mirror for imperfections, I quickly made my way to the town's tavern. When I came through the door heads turned, jaws dropped, and many of the men did double-takes. My type was not really found in small towns like this, and my attire was bound to make the hot-blooded fools just that much hotter.

Strolling between the tables, I examined this town's stock. There was not really anyone to take note of until I passed him.

He looked just like... Making up my mind quickly, I sat at his table, subtly sending his friends away with a mental probe that made them all remember their wives at home. He got a signal that he should take me outside to a less populated area.

Smiling charmingly, he asked, "Would you like to step out of this overly crowded place?"

"I was just thinking the same thing," I replied, seduction lacing my voice and my aura giving off waves of allure.

Somewhat dazed from my efforts, he led me out to the street. I inquired if there was somewhere private we could go together. Instead of an answer, he led me to an empty alley not far from the tavern.

My delight must have shown on my face, because he was practically beaming. I smiled knowingly at him and leaned in close.

He sucked in a breath in anticipation as I stopped inches from his lips.

"Prey," I whispered, my eyes glowing with bloodlust and excitement.

The prey did not respond, instead melting as I kissed it and pressed it up against the wall of the alley. I kissed down the prey's neck, causing it to moan with pleasure and try to press itself closer to me.

"Do you like this, prey?" I murmured seductively. My prey could only moan in response as it fell further under my spell.

After a few more moments of teasing the prey, I decided that play time was over. I kissed the prey one last time and let my lips wander down to its neck. My fangs grazed my prey's flesh, making it whimper with need.

I bit sharply into my prey's neck and let its blood flow into my mouth, sating my hunger. As the prey died, it made small noises in the back of its throat; its hands coming up to feebly grasp my shoulders.

As I let the prey's exsanguinated body fall to the ground, I whispered his name into the night air, sobs choking my voice.