OMG This story is SO gay.

This was beta-read by rodeoclown, that once again made a kick-ass job!

Tluth ol Dale

by magGE

I wondered why I had agreed to meet Lucy's stupid friends and go to this even stupider thing that they called a party.

Lucy looked at me, smiled so big that I could see her horse teeth, silver braces and large dimples. I managed what could either be taken as a smile or a grimace of pain. Because her smile grew even larger, showing her pink gums, I guessed she took it as the former. My grimace became more obvious.

Was this a party?

The lemonade in my glass, which Lucy's mother had made herself and brought down about an hour ago, had no trace of alcohol in it whatsoever. Four guys, and a blonde haired girl who might actually be cute if she bothered, were sitting tightly pressed together on a small leather sofa in front of the TV, watching a cartoon in a language I didn't know. Lucy sat huddled together with what I guessed was a girl because of the shrill squeaky laughter that erupted from her about every fifth second. Three other guys with their backs turned towards me were sitting at a low table on their knees playing something and three other girls were lying on the floor three metres away, laughing so hard that their faces were pink and their laughter sounded instead like wailing and grunting, or asthma.

Where was the blaring music? The beer, the girls plastered to my side, the sound of someone breaking something that they never should have touched?

God, could someone tell me when this nightmare was going to end?

I closed my eyes and tried to visualize the grade I got on the last test. I tried to remember why Lucy wasn't on my people-I-hate-more-than-death list. I tried to visualize myself holding the gold cup at the end of the season now that there was no risk of me being kicked off of the team because of my grades. The shrill laughter of what was either a girl who looked like an ugly boy or a boy who looked like an ugly girl, pushed through my fantasy, shattered it and made it impossible to will back.

It was clear that nothing more exciting was going to happen. So why were they still here? Was this their definition of fun? Maybe I could sneak out without anyone noticing. Like, say I needed to use the bathroom and then run for it.

Lucy smiled at me again and I groaned silently. One party. That was what she had requested as payment and I knew I still needed her help if I wanted to pass that class.

I looked down at my watch and sighed when I saw that yes, only five minutes had passed since I last checked it. It could have been worse though. I could have been forced to actually have a conversation with someone.

"David, come over here." Lucy's voice suddenly said, and for the first time I noticed that she and her friend had left the stairs to sit instead with the guys at the table.

No. No actual contact. That had been my plan. The only way to survive this night.

She waved at me, gestured at me to come, but I seemed to have lost the ability to walk. Lucy sighed, looking amused rather than annoyed. Standing up, she walked over to me, took a steady grip around my wrist and then dragged me over to the others. I knew someone had told me their names earlier but that had fled my memory. She sat down on the carpet and I figured that if I kept standing there it would only be more awkward, so I sank uneasily down beside her.

The conversation that had been going on before I arrived seemed to have stopped when I sat down and was replaced instead by a tense silence. I saw how they tried to act normal, as if it was an every day occurrence that David Grane, the tall black haired quarterback who would only speak a word to them in school if it was an insult, sat down at their table.

They didn't do a good job.

The red haired guy with thick black glasses was smiling kind of weird, as if he wasn't sure what to do. The other guy beside him was biting his lip and had a strange tic over his eyebrow, and the brown haired one was glaring at a spot on the table, refusing to look up at me and acknowledge my presence.

"So…" Lucy started looking around for some help and twisting the fabric of her black skirt.

"…anyone want any chips?" She finished, after she couldn't think of anything better to say and took the bowl of chips in her hands. The red haired guy nodded and took the bowl from her, digging his hand in the bowl and shoving a handful of chips into his mouth.

Yeah…This was terribly awkward and the exit plan I had concocted earlier seemed very tempting. The others by the TV laughed, the sound echoing in the small basement.

"Oh god this is so lame." The brown haired suddenly said, slapping the blond boy beside him. "Do I have to remind you every time that it's your turn?"

"Oh sorry." The blond answered and made a sound that I assumed was a nervous giggle. At least, I guessed that was what he said. He didn't pronounce the R's like he was supposed to and instead turned them into a strange sounding L.

"What did your mum and dad say when they heard about your grades?" Lucy, who had decided to be civilized and drag me into a boring and meaningless conversation, asked.

"Not much. Just, great son and keep it up. Nothing exciting." I said, flicking away a strand of dark hair that annoyed my eyes with my fingers.

She giggled.

Why did she giggle? What I'd said hadn't been funny.

She was now sitting turned towards me, with her elbow on the table and her cheek resting against the flat of her hand, looking up at me with an expression I hoped didn't mean what it looked like it did.

"This is boring."

Hallelujah to that.

It was one of the girls that had been laughing on the floor that said it, and they were now making their way over to the table. The ones on the sofa seemed to be listening too.

"Can't we do something?"

Like go home?

"Like what?" Lucy said and wrinkled her nose and forehead in question.

"I don't know. Anything."

"I know." The blond guy with the annoying lisp said excitedly.

"We can play tluth ol dale."

Tluth ol dale? What the hell was that?

Everybody seemed to get as exited as the blond at the idea so I guessed that at least they knew what it was. I managed a small, hesitant smile.

"Everybody okay with that?" Lucy said with a strange glimmer to her eyes.

"David?" She said and turned towards me again.

"Ehm…sure. Why not."

"Great." She said and fired another look-at-my-gigantic-teeth-and-braces-that-have-taken-over-my-mouth smile.

The movie the others had been watching seemed to have ended and they stretched and then walked over to us.

"Did I hear truth or dare?" A girl asked.




"We can use that empty coca-cola bottle over there."

No way.

"Let's sit over there." Lucy continued, not noticing my frozen form, getting up from her position and walking over to where the carpet wasn't covering the floor.

Truth or dare? No one plays truth or dare while sober, NO one! At least not when you're a self respecting seventeen year old. Only when you're twelve and you think that an exciting dare is to run five laps around the house. The others did not seem to see the same problem I did. They joined Lucy on the floor in a circle and somehow I did too, sitting down at her left side, which seemed to please her.

"Your house, you start." The blonde haired girl said and gave Lucy the bottle.

"Sure." The scarily eager Lucy agreed and bent over to spin the bottle.

"Wait we have to think of a punishment before we start." Someone interrupted.


"I don't know, run around the house naked?"

"Okay, something less extreme."

"Hmm…kiss Jason Peterson on Monday in school." One of the TV-guys said and it seemed that everybody was about to burst out in laughter when they remembered me.

"…He would appreciate that." I mumbled sarcastically.

Yep as in, I'm so going to kill you.

They pretended they had not heard my comment and seemed to be furiously ignoring the fact that they had just made a joke about my best friend, continuing to discuss a good punishment for the game.

"Screw the punishment and just start. Everybody will just know that you're a pussy if you don't do it." The brown haired guy snapped after ten minutes had passed and everybody seemed out of ideas.

He glared at everyone and they nodded sheepishly

Was glaring the only thing that guy could do?

"Right." Lucy said slowly bending forward and then spinning the bottle.

It stopped.

Now the question was who it was pointing at. I was voting for the boy-girl, but the redhead beside me was also a strong candidate.

"David, truth or dare?"

Clearly others disagreed.

"…Truth." I muttered.

"…Do you…ehm….you know, like someone right now?" She said, blushing all over her neck, cheeks, and even her arms.

Uh-huh. Not predictable at all.

"No one. " I said and couldn't help but smirk when I saw her disappointed face that now refused to look up from the beige floor under her.

"What a lame answer. You've got to like someone." The brown haired guy, who I had decided hated everything and everyone, said.

"Why do I have to do that? I mean people like me anyway, so why bother?" I said with a shrug of my shoulders, the smirk still intact on my face.

"Okay…that has got to be the most brain dead, self-centred thing I have heard all week." He said slowly with his nose and mouth turned in disgust.

"What did you say?" I shouted louder than I had intended before I could stop myself.

"You heard me. I said that you're…"

"Simon, knock it off." Lucy shouted, interrupting the brown haired guy that I now knew as Simon. He immediately snapped his mouth shut and moodily glared at the floor.

Lucy herself seemed as if she was ready to burst out into tears at any moment. I ground my teeth angrily and then spun the bottle with a jerky movement. While the bottle kept spinning, I looked up and met Simon's glaring eyes.

No, he didn't hate everything and everyone.

He hated me.

"Truth or dare David?"

I sighed.


Could things get any more boring? The bottle had only stopped at me one more time since the first time and then I had been dared to hug a very red and practically glowing Lucy. The most exciting thing so far had been when could-actually-be-cute-girl pecked the moody Simon on the lips. How old were they again, nine?

It was when I saw a strange smile spread in one of the laughing girls' faces that warning bells first went off in my head. She and another girl that had been having an asthma attack earlier were the only ones that hadn't dared anyone yet. They were also the only ones that had in fact looked more bored than I was, if that was possible.

"I dare you…" She brushed a brownish lock away from her eyes and the smile on her face grew even larger and, in my opinion, far more evil.

The others in the circle seemed to shift nervously. The guys especially. Why did I get this funny feeling that they had some clue about what she was going to say?

"…to french Simon."

"What?" Lucy and I spluttered at the same time.

"I dare you to french Simon." She said happily again.

"No. You don't have to do it David." Lucy said and laid a hand on my arm, pushing her glasses up her nose and looking back between Simon and the girl who had issued the dare.

My respect for Lucy suddenly increased.

"No way. I'm not doing it."

"What? You afraid of liking it too much?" Simon asked and I turned my head up towards him in disbelief.

Why the hell was he encouraging it?

"No, I just find the thought of putting my lips or any other body part against any of yours quite revolting." I said between clenched teeth.

I would not get provoked by the oldest trick in the book.


"Whatever you say, you're still a pussy." Simon said nonchalantly and damn it, that was one of my smirks plastered on his face.

"He's right." The girl who had dared me said and flashed another bright smile at me.

"Oh shut up!" Lucy said before I could and glared at the girl.

Simon wriggled his eyebrows at me and then lightly shoved lisp-guy's shoulder with his own. They shared a look that without a doubt expressed their not so flattering opinion of me.


I banged my fist against the floor, stood up, walked over to the once smirking Simon and sat down in front of him. For the first time, he had the sense to look nervous, his face turning white, his mouth a quivering line and his eyes flickering around the room as if he were trapped. The bastard hadn't even thought I would do it.

"David you don't…" Lucy started but was interrupted by me before she could finish.

"Define french." I asked quietly and turned my head to the laughing-girl.

"Oh…arms around him, stopping when I say so, tongues and a bit of feeling maybe." She said eagerly and her friends burst out into giggles.

"…right." I muttered and slowly turned my head back towards Simon.

His eyes were really, really blue I noticed, and his brown, slight wavy hair stopped just before his shoulders. His pale skin made the redness on his cheeks stand out more. Yeah, of course, now was the perfect time for blushing, I thought sarcastically.

I guess he was…kind of hot. But I would rather die than admit that out loud.

"Well come here." I snapped at him when no progress was being made and the giggling increasing in force was more than I could handle.

He scratched his neck and then pushed himself slowly forward with the help of his hands. I sighed when I realized that it would take forever before he actually got any closer if he kept up that speed. So I grabbed his wrist and jerked him closer, resulting in him almost falling into my lap.

Okay, so they weren't really, really blue eyes.

They were more like really, really intensely blue eyes.

I took a deep breath, noticing how everybody had gone quiet, and brought my hands up to clumsily cup his face.

He gulped. Was he nervous? He had no right to be nervous when he was the one that provoked this into happening. Too afraid of liking it? Oh, I would get him for that.

I brought my face and lips closer to his, so close that our breath mingled and our noses almost brushed against each other. I tilted my head to the right and his eyes fluttered close. What was the matter with him? I wondered.

And then, our lips were lightly pressed together. Just unexciting dry flesh pressed against dry flesh.

Our lips separated for a second and were brought back against each other a second later.

His warm tongue was in my mouth before I knew it, roaming around, seeming to be everywhere, and changing what was only dry lips against dry lips into something else. It made my eyes widen and I tried to back away in a second of panic, but he wrapped his arms tightly around my neck and trapped me against him. I calmed down somewhat, heart hammering, remembering this was supposed to happen. I didn't bother to wonder why he suddenly seemed so eager, instead my right hand hesitantly burrowed itself in his thick light brown hair and he responded by attacking my lips even harder and faster and pressing his body as hard and as much as he could against mine.

It made you wonder who it was that had been dared.

My left hand slid down his side and he shivered and silently gasped against my mouth. His tongue was still in my mouth, now tangled with my own tongue, exchanging saliva. I pushed his tongue out of my mouth, pressed my lips hard against his and then slipped my tongue into his mouth instead.

He moaned.

"Okay…I guess that's enough…" That was the voice of a girl I had forgotten, the one that had made the dare that had slipped from my mind. I ripped my mouth from his, eyes flying wide open, gasping, my heart overheated and hammering.

It seemed as if he was going to go in for another dive for my lips, when he realized what she had said. He was also gasping for breath and refused to look up at me, not glaring at the floor this time but still incredibly fascinated by it. My lips felt bruised and sore and seemed to hammer just as hard as my heart.

I looked up at the creepy laughing girl and her friends. They all seemed incredibly smug. Then I looked back at Simon and I realized.

I knew his secret.

I saw it when he quickly looked up at me and then back at the floor, saw the evidence on his cheeks and in the memory of his shaking arms snaked around my neck. I gulped.


"I...I think that's enough for tonight. Don't you think?" A thick voice, belonging to Lucy said. She was pulling at the material of her skirt once again and there was a tightly closed smile on her face.

I nodded, and I didn't hear if the others agreed. I was the first to stand, the others soon following, even though they were taking it more slowly, staring at a flustered Simon who still refused to look up from the floor. I was also the first one running up the stairs. The watch on my wrist showed that it had been forty-five minutes since I last checked. The clock hanging over the mirror in Lucy's hallway said forty-six. It wasn't that late. If I had gone to Jason's party tonight, the long night would just have been starting.

I took my black jacket from where it had been hanging, pulling it on quickly when I and the others couldn't help but hear Lucy's and Simon's upset voices shouting at each other. They stopped rather abruptly and then Simon raced up the stair, familiar glare now back in his face.

I slipped into my sneakers and was just about to walk out the door, fleeing the disaster and nightmare that had taken place in the last one hundred and forty six, or seven, minutes, when I heard Lucy call my name.

"David, can you wait a minute?" I looked at the door longingly and then remembered that if she refused to help me I was off the team. Great.

"Yeah?" I asked and turned around. She was still standing on the stairs, biting her lower lip.

By now, the others had slipped out one by one, shouting goodbye at Lucy. Simon was the last one out.

"I'm so sorry for…"

"Forget about it. At least I'm going to." I quickly interrupted, quite sure that I would not be capable of thinking about what had just happened with my mind intact.

"But…" She took the last step up the stair.

"Don't worry about it and I'll see you on Monday." I interrupted again and threw her a wide fake smile that I hoped she didn't see through.

I saw that she wanted to say something else, but I waved and went out the door before she had the chance. I would not stand there and listen to some kind of love declaration. That was more than I could possibly handle in one single night. Or any night or day, if it came from Lucy, in fact.

The air hitting me was chilly and I burrowed my hands deep into the pockets of my jeans.

At last.

I took a deep breath.

"You're going the same way as we are right?" One of the laughing girls said.

I jumped, I winced and I grimaced, all at the same time. It had been too good to be true.

"…Yeah." I decided to say.

She, a guy that I now knew was called Ollie, and a grumpy Simon, who I knew would have bolted if laughing girl hadn't been attached to his left arm, were the only ones left. She smiled at me, a warm and friendly smile. I refused to smile back and instead gave her a dark look. She wasn't Lucy, none of them were. I didn't have to put on a false friendly front for them. They had nothing that I wanted, and if I went by the looks Lucy had recently been throwing at me, I knew she would take my side if they began to bitch about my attitude.

Tragically laughing-girl seemed to ignore me, even though her smile began to look a bit forced. We began to walk and I guess it won't kill me if I confess that it wasn't that bad. I mean, it was bad, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. They could have asked dumb irritating questions or spoken at all, but instead they were quiet. I guess they were the silent part of the group they hang out with, there are always a few like that. And it was perfectly fine with me if anyone asked.

Ollie soon took off to the right, waving at us and reminding laughing girl not to forget what I assumed was a weird movie and after walking for ten more silent minutes they stopped and I did too, without thinking about it.

"Well… I'm off here. I live in that green house over there." Laughing girl said and pointed at some house in front of us.

Silence followed.

"Ehm…see you." She added and then she pecked Simon on the cheek and ran away towards her house, leaving me alone with Simon and the sound of her shoes tapping against the asphalt.

This was not…something I had…expected. Not at all, I thought. I tried looking at him through the corner of my eyes without being obvious and saw that he was still staring after his brown haired friend. If I was lucky, he would live somewhere around here.

He was the one who began to walk again first and I slowly started to follow. The silence that had been somewhat comforting before was now tense and awkward. He was walking hunched over with his hands in his pockets and staring at the ground about a metre in front of his feet. Three boys younger than us raced passed us on their bicycles laughing and shouting, and a man with a big stomach shut his door with a loud bang. It was slowly getting darker now and the street lights began to shine one after another.

Tragically, Simon did not show any signs of getting closer to his home and so he was still walking by my side when we reached my block and my house came into sight. I hoped that no one I knew was out or looking out their windows, like Eric or Peter. Because if they were and they saw us, I wasn't going to be able to come up with a reasonable explanation for why I was out in the dark, walking with mister moody geek.

I wondered for a second if I should say goodbye to him when we reached the gate to my house. But I decided that it would probably just give him the wrong idea. Something I, for a really good reason, didn't want to give him. So instead of giving him a quick nod or muttering a goodbye, I turned to the right, turned and gave him the view of my back and put my hand on the gate to open it.

I heard how the sound of his steps slowed down and stopped, I could practically feel the burning glare that was boring into the back of my head. Seven and a half metres left to the door. Heaven was near.

"You're such an asshole you know!" He suddenly shouted hoarsely and the next second I felt something hard hit me in the head.

I immediately spun around, finding a very upset and pissed off Simon standing in front of me.

"What the…"

His shoulders and chest were rising and falling quickly, his mouth wide and breathing loudly. His fists were tightly clenched at his sides and his blue eyes were glaring like never before.

"You're such a stupid, selfish prick. Do you even know how pathetic you are? How fucking dumb you are?" He exploded and bent down to the ground quickly, scooping something in his hand and then throwing it at me, again. I dodged it this time and looked back to where it had landed.

"Are you throwing rocks at me?" I asked slowly.

"You think you're so perfect and above everybody, but guess what, YOU'RE NOT!" He continued.

"What the fuck is your problem?" I shrilly screamed at him.

He ignored me.

"…ugly, dumb fuck. You hear me?"

"Ouch. I. Stop throwing fucking rocks!"

He continued to ignore me and I ducked behind a bush. For a moment, I was out of range of his rocks, but he solved that by throwing the gate wide open and following me into our yard.

"I really hate people like you. You think that everybody will bow down to you. That everybody will love you."

"Hey, I think you should calm down…"

I was slowly beginning to get scared of him. I was clearly bigger than he was, but the expression on his face would make anyone back away. He continued stalking towards me, spitting out hateful words and the only thing I could do was continue to back away from him. Well I could always run…but that would seriously dent my ego and my pride.

We had backed so far into our garden that we were no longer next to the thick brick wall, but the large window that gave you a free glance into our living room. The heads of my mum and dad peeked up over the back of the brown leather sofa. They were watching a guy get killed by a much uglier guy on the TV. Yes, this was the perfect moment for parent paranoia to kick in. The perfect moment for my two hundred and eleven pound dad to turn around and notice that a crazy psychopath boy was attacking his one and only son. Instead, they continued watching the telly, enjoying how another guy's insides got slashed to mush by the ugly hero.

"You make me sick!"

"Seriously just calm down…?"

"Shut up!"

"No you shut up, you girly psycho…

That was not something I should have said, I decided, when he suddenly pounced with a hysterical war cry, murder written on his face. We went down on the grass with a not so attractive grunt. Legs, arms, heads and bones smashed together painfully, making my lungs go dry and the world turn black for a second. The shock of my body suddenly hitting the ground wasn't the greatest. Neither was the shock of Simon's wet lips that suddenly sucked on my cheeks, my tongue, my lips, my eyebrow.

"GET OFF ME!" I squeaked…I screamed...and I shoved him hard, trying to get him off me. But instead of getting off, he clung to me as if his life depended on it and refused to let go.

"…I –I love you." He sobbed against my chest.

My arms, which had been trying to push him off froze, then went limp. My head was suddenly emptied of all thoughts. A big lump got stuck in my throat. My insides went icy cold and breathing was suddenly hard.

"I l-love you so much." He continued.

"Why, why do I love you so much?"


His secret.

…Not this.

"Why do you have to be so p-perfect?"

The parts of my T-shirt that weren't covered by my black jacket were getting wet. It wasn't my favourite, and I could always clean it later…but it was still uncomfortable. I sighed and closed my eyes, trying to take a few calming breaths and not panic, while he continued to cry against my chest.

I opened my eyes and saw a plane cross the sky above us, disappearing behind pinkish clouds. I wondered what I should do. For some reason I didn't have any power left in my arms to push him off, maybe it was his crying. I can't handle people who cry. So I settled for a, "…You'll be alright," and patted his head awkwardly.

This only seemed to make him cry harder.

"I mean it! I'm just like you said, pathetic and…and dumb and a real asshole. Seriously!" I tried, panic creeping into my voice.

I was clearly not making it any better, as his crying was beginning to resemble the laughing girl's asthma attack.

"No you're not." He wailed against my chest.

I chose to shut up and for some reason began to rub his back in what I hoped was a soothing way. Maybe it worked, because his wailing didn't increase and after a while went more and more quiet, until the only remainder of it was his shaking and the occasional gasp for breath. After ten minutes, I noticed dimly how he stopped shaking and just rested his weight against me.

"…You're getting heavy." I softly said after we laid there a while in complete silence.


"Well it's easily fixed."

"…I'm sorry about this." He mumbled against my chest.

To my irritation, I realized we weren't talking about the same thing and that he had no plans whatsoever to get up any time soon. In fact, he nuzzled his face against my chest and seemed pretty comfortable where he was.

Fucking drama-boy with strange issues and mood swings.

"Well it's all forgotten and forgiven. Now get off."

He pushed himself up with his elbows only a couple seconds after, but to my even greater irritation and horror, it wasn't because he was getting up. Instead, the top of his nose brushed against mine, his warm breath hit my face and his brown hair tickled my face.

"I…I know I shouldn't be asking this but…please," I did not like the expression on his face. "Could I just get one kiss." The last word was only a whisper.

"Now you actually care about my opinion?" I muttered once I got past my disbelief at his words.

He looked like he was about to say no, but he didn't.

"…Yes. Just one and then I'll never bother you again. I swear." He mumbled, his face getting uncomfortably closer.

"You were planning to keep bothering me."

"Well only if I don't get…a kiss…" Pink coloured his cheeks and his eyes refused to meet mine, instead flickering around. Since when did he have the right to act all innocent when he was blackmailing me?!

"…Really. One kiss?"

"A long one." He muttered.

"And you will stop your creepy dramatic psycho ways?"


I tried looking into his eyes to see if he was serious. But they didn't reveal anything in particular. His fingers were playing with my hair by then, as if he already knew my answer. The smallest, almost non-existent nod seemed to be more than enough for him to smash his lips against mine.

Welcome shock number four.

I had thought for some weird reason that it would be soft and –please kill me- gentle. Instead he was chewing and nipping at my lips, while his hand somehow snaked itself inside my jacket and black T-shirt, spreading goose bumps wherever he touched. His tongue was as hot and burning as before and his hair just as soft. The pressure of something hard jabbing into my leg was new.

Aaand the selling of my soul was officially over.

He fell off quite easily this time when I pushed. I quickly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. This time, he was meeting my eyes and his whole face was lit up by a broad smile. It was a weird sight when I only had the memory of him glaring.

I guess he was kind of hot.

He slowly stood up. Dusting dead yellow grass, left from when I cut the grass the day before, from his body, he stared down at me with the big grin still intact on his face. He was silent for a while, looking at me still helplessly sprawled on the grass, then he whispered bye and walked away.

…very hot.


I groaned pitifully and closed my eyes in misery, turning to lie on my side instead of getting up. I just made out with a guy that I thought was very hot.

Would someone just kill me?

I opened my eyes.

And I met the eyes of my thirteen year old brown haired sister, standing in her blue nightdress and still in her makeup, looking out at me through the glass with an expression on her face that I wasn't sure what to make of.

Then she smiled, a smile far more evil than the laughing girl's.


Pointless One-shot, that I began to write when I was supposed to write on other stories and that I may some…strange day…continue and that uh-uh, defiantly not turned out as it was supposed to, because every word every sentence is wrong and it ended with me writing a story I never wanted to write…as usual.

…If I do continue, the mystery of over dramatic-scary and creepy-Simon's actions, will be explained.


And yeah...I have no clue how other people play truth or dare, this was the way we played when I was...twelve? and I have come across weird different versions on the net. And the laughing-girls was a result of, alternative yaoi LJ-girls, I have come across these four past years. They're...interesting.