Still Waiting

There's nothing to say that can do any harm

While I wander through the mad house farm

Trying to escape the liars

Who sing about their pain in a twelve-part choir


They sing about the spurned and betrayed

But they're just being made

Made to love and made to die

If I could walk through that fence, I'd choose to fly


Escape is not an option that I'd like to own

Only after every choice has been blown

I'd still like to stop and think

Because you could come and go in a blink


But when my love seems due

When all the madness seems new

I'm still waiting

Never hating

Still Waiting


Seven sad faces hidden by masks

Where the effort to cry is such a task

Because they don't want remember their love

Even when push comes to shove


I am not with them at all

Around me is no such wall

It may seem like there is nothing to stop me

If I walk to you again, I will only flee


Nothing but a stripping of the heart

Would lead me to want to depart

But I feel just like a killer's son

Stranded alone, without a gun


But nothing ever seems fair

Because I still remember your black hair

I'm still waiting

Never debating

Still waiting


Feelings still lodged in the shadows

Ready to step onto the gallows

Unless I'm sure I will be missed

That and the first time I felt bliss


Some things must never be left to the night

I think as I turn my back on what is right

And embrace something, which isn't nothing

Because nothing is leading me by bluffing


In the dark woods with the suicide trees

I break a branch to hear the pleas

To their loves to take them back

To when things weren't quite so black


But through the madhouse farm

Never does it do me any harm

I'm still waiting

Never chasing

Still waiting


I'm the shell of a man I don't remember being

I don't know if I'm even worth seeing

A painful loss of sanctity

Mixed with romantic blasphemy


The only thing I've ever done

Is wait so I know which side has won

I don't know if it's mine or hers

Neither of us are wearing victory furs


I've questioned whether I've lost my mind

I can't see inside myself when my soul is blind

But I'm not looking in

I stare out, head above the sin


But after all this time

There is still no-one as divine

I'm still waiting

Never facing

Still waiting