No matter where on earth I went

Or however far I would roam

I always thought to return to

This place I have long called my home

How many years has it been now

Since I ran laughing up these stairs

And since then innocence left me

Replaced by a lifetime of cares

And yet now I still return here

In desperate hopes to find the past

To find the child I knew as me

That was aged by this world so fast

This hall that once rang with laughter,

Now echoes the steps my shoes,

Its hollow voice asks me, 'why love

If love will eventually lose?'

This used to be a place of warmth

But now an empty draft blows in

I'm fighting back the memories

But they're too strong and soon they win

I collapse beneath the window

Where I once wished upon a star

And succumb to empty sadness

Shed tears that I've held back so far

I cry not for all that once was

But for me who has lost it all

My life seems cold and empty now

Like the drafty, echoing hall