Just a takeoff of Ray J's Sexy song. I just added a conversation into the lyrics.

"You like what you see?" Mya asked as she gyrated in front of him.

"Baby, do you dance and shake that thing." Ray sipped his drink. "You can drive a horny Nigga insane. I just gotta know how you get all that ass in them jeans? You can let it all pop out on me and how about you slide down the pole making sexy faces?" Ray looked over at the others making faces as he kept Mya from them. "How bout taking me to v.i.p?"

"You got at least five hundred for that?"
"Only if you show me what you can do with all this money?" Mya offered her hand and Ray took it. She led him to the back rooms where the v.i.p was.

"And?" Mya asked as they entered the room.

"I might think about you coming home with me and maybe we can pop about two or three Ecstasy and take a couple shots of some Hennessey." Ray sat in the chair in the middle of the room as Mya closed the door.

"Now strip for me."
"Oh no," Mya said. "I've done dancing before and got paid. I want to know what you really want from me?"
"This is what I wanna do, take you out the club put you in my coupe and drive you to my house. You can dance in my little zoo and shaking that thing is what you do."
"Show me how you do it in the front then the back and get me all excited when you're dancing like that." Mya put her hands on her hips.
"Show me how you make you big o booty go."

"I love it when your body speaks to me and when you're dancing next to me. What u do your dance keeps me so intrigued and I'm definitely a fan. Now strip for me." Mya just smiled as she walked over to him and placed her foot between his legs.
"First off," she gleamed. "If you take me home, I don't expect to leave till about six in the morning. See I like your style and I assure you that I can ride real far." Ray just laughed. "I've never met such a sexy brother like you."

"Like I said you look so sexy."

Mya removed her leg and knelt in front of him.

"Tell me what you want to hear baby."

"I know this doesn't sound professional but…"


"I can do real unprofessional things. Come here." Ray leaned in and she whispered something in his ear. Ray just smiled.

"That's what I'm talking about." Mya moved back.

"You're just sexy." Ray licked his lips.

"Baby, I'm going to take you someplace real sexy and private. I'm going to do some real nasty things to you. You want that baby?"

"I want you and only you."

"Get on that pole baby. I want you to work it. Later on I'll show you what knockout really means. I ain't going to follow no rules either baby."