"Lydia, it'll be fine."

"What if they don't like me?"

Seth laughed. "They will, Lydia. I promise."

It was the first day back from vacation. Seth and I decided to make the day all the more better by making sure every person in the entire school knew we were going out.

"So," Mr. Barson said. "Are there any questi-? Yes, Seth?"

"Lydia and I are dating."

"That's fantastic, Seth. If you ever live together, be sure not to forget to bring milk home…"

We announced it formally to our teachers, to give them our respect. As for the student body… we decided to show them by holding hands on our way to class, giving each other quick kisses whenever possible, and making out at my locker before school started.

We were the school's hottest new couple, all right.

But then lunch came around. And Seth wanted to do the most important part of any relationship… Introduce one another to our friends.

In celebration of the New Year, everyone had both lunch periods free. Just to relax before going back to work. So all his friends were around, and so were mine.

Seth was introducing me to his, first.

"Hey, guys," Seth said, grinning. "I just wanted to show off the world's prettiest lady to you. Everyone, this is Lydia. Lydia, this is Jack, his girlfriend Samantha, Austin and Janet who you know from our P.E. class, Cameron and Annie, Dean and Karen, and last but not least, Greg and Lisa."

Seth gave me the lowdown on his friends before we went over to their table. He said that Cameron was his right-hand man, Jack was his gamma, and Dean sat there because Karen is best friends with Samantha, and Greg is just an asshole.

I tried to remember all of this as I looked at each one of them.

"Nice to meet all of you," I said, smiling politely.

"She's not that pretty," Lisa muttered.

Seth may've also said something about Lisa being a bitch. But I wasn't too sure on that one.

"Welcome to the club," the girl named Samantha joked. "Poor Seth here was the only single guy for a while."

"Well, not anymore," Seth murmured as he stroked the back of my hand with his thumb. "Well, we just wanted to say hi. See all of you later."

The nice ones of the group said bye. As soon as we were far away enough, I asked if that actually went okay.

He grinned. "Samantha talked to you right away. That girl usually takes a while to please. So yes, I think it went well."

"That's good, at least…"

Smirking, he moved his lips close to my ear. "Your turn," he muttered.

Rolling my eyes, I pulled him in the direction of Hayden and Stephanie, where they sat together. They knew this was coming.

"Hello, lovely people," I said. "This is Seth, as both of you know him. Seth, the girl is Stephanie, and the guy is Hayden Of course. Lovely people, this is lovely Seth."

He's a very lovely Seth.

"If you break her heart I break your face," Hayden said, smiling all too politely at him.

"Hayden!" Stephanie hissed, elbowing him hard in the stomach.

"Funny, I've wanted to break yours for a while, now." Seth said coolly.

"Be nice, you two," I growled.

Seth grinned at me. "Sorry, Lyd."

"You're very cute together," Stephanie observed.

"Why, thank you," Seth answered, laughing.

I smiled. Seeing as we got through with the friend thing, I said goodbye to Stephanie and Hayden, and pulled Seth to a place of our own to sit.

Where did we go?

To that wonderful tree, of course.

We sat differently then we used to. Seth had his back pressed against the tree, and I sat right next to him, our hips touching, with my head on his shoulder.

"Funny," he said, stroking my hair. "I used to think I was the only one who ever cared about you, but I was wrong. You never told me you had a gang that'd kill me if I messed up."

I grinned. "Does that scare you?"

"Of course not. I won't ever hurt you."

I looked up at him. "Promise?"

"I promise, Lyd."

"I won't ever hurt you either, Seth."

I rearranged myself so that I was facing him. Staring into his eyes, I couldn't help but smile. His eyes really were the prettiest ones I've ever seen.

"I love you, Seth," I told him.

"I love you too, Lydia," he said, smiling back for a moment before leaning down to kiss me.

And that, my friends, is where this story ends.

Start playing those ending credits, baby!