"End Scene"

I was told you loved me

By everyone in the world

That I was the only one for you

But that I needed to be a big girl

And deal with the fact

That you wanted to be free

And just listen to this bullshit act

With scene five just in play

The lover's kiss that is always meant

To allow the happy ending to stay

No instead I refuse the world

And look to my heart

I just want to be happy

I'm tired of falling apart

I'm sick of what love does to me

I'm sick of the need to forget

Forget your lips

Your smile

Your eyes after you cry

All I ever needed was you by my side

But as the curtain falls

And the world applauds

I find myself sitting in the corner

With drink in hand

Singing my whiskey lullabye

Waiting for my own play to end.