My friend, Hilary Brook is forcing me to come to her 'total bash out', as she refers to it, Christmas party. I really wasn't in the mood for one of her crazy drunkard parties. Seriously! That's all she has out for everyone to drink and she gathers up a bunch of guys to force people to drink it by any means possible that wouldn't get them thrown into jail; unless you bring some kind of beverage with you. She's been the party animal for as long as I've known her; ever since the second grade when she beat up Paul Shaffer because he wouldn't stop pulling on my pigtails. We are half way through our senior year at Jackson High School. I'm a C average student there; not too good and not too bad, I think.

Anyway, Hilary throws a Christmas party every year since we started high school; I'd say it's become a tradition. I've always gone and I guess that tradition will be kept alive for at least another year.

The party starts in about two hours and I promised Hilary that I would come over and help her set up some decorations and mistletoe. We'd bought all the food the day before. Mainly chips since whenever you see people on TV at a party it shows chips pretty much every time. I reached her house at about a quarter 'til five; the party starts at seven. She was waiting for me when I opened the door and went inside. I didn't bother knocking or ringing the doorbell; I never do, since they always leave their doors unlocked during the day. If you know them well enough then they tell you to just walk right in. If you bother to ring the doorbell they won't answer it; they never have and they probably never will. As I was saying,

When I walked inside Hilary was already dressed for the party; she was wearing a red halter dress that hugged her curves, it was just above her knees, it had lace around the bottom that came down far on one side and was shorter on the other; her hair was up in a loose bun with threads of hair hanging about, making it look messy yet natural.

I walked up to her. "Why are you dressed for the party when it doesn't start for another two hours?"

"Rose! Thank God you're here, the worm shot silly string all over the clothes I was wearing, so instead of changing into something else than having to change again, I decided to just get ready early. Now help me finish setting up for the party." She stated and taped up a blue and silver streamer in the corner of the ceiling; our school colors. Hilary doesn't care much for Christmas colors, so she always sticks with the school colors. Of course, I'd known immediately who 'the worm' was; she'd been referring to her eleven year old little brother. Who had always been at least five times more hyper and had more energy than any other child she'd known.

I helped her put up more streamers throughout her house, and some in the room where the indoor pool and hot tub were at. After we had finished with the streamers it was already six-thirty. We set out at least fifteen bags of chips, of all different kinds. We also laid out a few different kinds of dips. She finished putting away all of her parents breakables while I went and changed into the outfit I was going to wear during the party.

My outfit included a black spaghetti strap dress, which barely reached my thighs, a pair of silver sandal dress shoes, and a black choker, which had little silver roses and vines on it. I'd decided to leave my lengthy hair down to stay in its naturally wavy state.

By the time I'd finished getting ready the party had begun. I found my way through the crowds of people to where the popcorn balls were, while gracefully avoiding the mistletoe Hilary had hung up almost everywhere while I was changing for the party.

I munched on my popcorn ball as my eyes searched the room for Hil. My gaze landed on a bunch of guys whom I recognized as the 'skaters' of Jackson High. They were just under the populars in the whole 'popular clique' thing. As usual they were talking about ollie's and kick flips and other tricks they do on their skateboards. Personally, I prefer my good old mountain bike. I recognized all but one of them; he must be a new student. I walked around the room and looked for Hilary, she didn't seem to be anywhere. I checked in the hot tub. Of course, she was necking with one of the skaters. Shawn Farley, I think his name is. Must be her next monther; she dates a new guy every month and dumps them afterwards.

I decided to leave the two of them alone and take a dip in the pool; No one's in it at the moment. They're all playing billiards or playing X-box 360 on the plasma screen TV. I changed into a black bikini with red roses on it. Once I was changed I dived into the pool backwards, off of the diving board. I swam around underwater for a few minutes; enjoying the cool refreshing feel the water gave me; it sent tingles throughout my body.

I came up for air and noticed there was another person in the pool with me. It was one of the skaters; the one I thought might be a new student. He was floating on his back flailing his arms about to keep afloat. He was wearing navy blue swimming trunks; which seemed to fit him perfectly, I should point out. I stared at him a few moments longer, turning away after he almost caught me gazing at his well-toned body.

He swam his way over to me. "Hi, the name's Jason. I just transferred to Jackson High. What might you're name be?"

I raised one eyebrow. "The name might be Rosely, but everyone calls me Rose."

"Nice; Rose. So, do you go to Jackson High?"

"Yes, I'm a senior. You?"

He rubbed the back of his head with his hand. "I'm a sophomore."

I guess he thought I would be surprised or outraged that I was talking to a 'lowly sophomore'; well I wasn't. Jackson high has its cliques, and they stick with their cliques. You know the usual cliques, but at our school, they grades each have their own cliques also. The freshmen aren't to mingle with anyone but freshmen. The sophomores can hang with the other sophomores and the freshmen. The juniors, and seniors can hang out with anyone they want. If anything goes awry, there's bound to be trouble. But I don't care about that. "Cool."

All of a sudden there was a huge splash that soaked us. I screamed, as the cold water drenched my face.

"Shawn, you idiot!" Jason splashed him. "Rose, this is my friend Shawn, the one who makes me completely ashamed of him."

I giggled and splashed at Jason and Shawn. "Nice to meet you Shawn."

"Dude, this ones a hottie! Where'd you pick her up; I gotta get me some of that!" Shawn said; I was completely infuriated. Him thinking I'm just some piece of meat; well, I'll teach him.

I smacked Shawn up side the head; and Jason laughed at the upheaval. Shawn left us alone again, and I couldn't help thinking how much I wanted to cuddle up in his muscular arms and feel his body warmth sooth my broken heart.

There's something I haven't told you about myself; I very recently came out of a badly ended relationship. He cheated on me, and when I found out; he said he wouldn't do it again. Then within a week, I noticed that he was still acting differently, and realized he was cheating on me again; with the same girl as the first time he cheated. Now, the girl he claimed to love instead of me is a lesbian; I have nothing against lesbians, it's just that I think he got what he deserved. She wasn't the one for him and neither was I. I'm still searching for 'the one' who is right for me.

Jason was staring at me, I noticed, while I was reminiscing.

"Is something wrong?" His question made me wonder; is something wrong with me? I looked up into his eyes. They sparkled from the reflection of the moon bouncing off the water through the glass roof.

"No." I simply stated. "So, where did you live before you transferred here?" I decided to change the subject to something I was keen on learning.

"I used to live in Houston, Texas. It was hot all the time there. It's nice here: hot, but with cool breezes; it's really soothing. I like it here, a lot." He looked into my eyes as he said it. I felt overwhelmed with relief that he wasn't just a skater, with only skater related things on his mind, he could talk about other things as well; I'd had to deal with that once before… but I could tell Jason was different, a good kind of different. I smiled brilliantly at him. He smiled warmly back at me and reached for my hand. I let him take it. His hand felt warm to the touch; a warmth that flowed throughout my entire being. He pulled me towards him and I laced my arms around his neck. My life is always getting interrupted just when it's getting good.

"Rose! Get in here, some of us are gonna play truth or dare. Come on!" Hilary 'The Interrupter' said, as she waved for me to follow her. "Bring him too. He's a cutie." She pointed at Jason and left to go back in.

Jason and I had moved apart when we first heard Hilary, and we were feeling kind of awkward. I turned to get out of the pool and suddenly felt two strong arms wrapping around my waist. "Wait for me." He said in my ear, in this low and husky voice. It sent chills throughout my body; good chills. We walked out of the pool grabbed two towels and stepped into the den, where about twenty people were all sitting on the couches and the recliners and the love seats. Jason and I sat near Hilary and Shawn, on the couch; Hilary had saved two seats for us.

"Ok. Everyone remembers the rules, right?" Hilary looked around the room at everyone. "If you don't, then I'll go over them for you. Rule #1: Everyone gets a turn, no going back and forth between a few people. Rule #2: If you don't do your dare then you have to do a double-dare. Rule #3: No chickening out of anything you are dared to do. And rule #4: No crying about anything or you're gonna get tossed into the pool. Am I clear everyone?"

"Crystal." Everyone answered her.

"Then lets get it started!" Hilary said. "We'll start alphabetically by first name. That means Alyssa is first."

"Ok. Shawn: truth, dare, double-dare, promise-to-repeat, electric chair." Alyssa said. She was always into Shawn, but he never gave her the time of day cuz she wants to be in the 'in' crowd.

"Dare." Shawn spoke, nonchalantly, yet it seemed he was challenging her.

"Good. I dare you to come over here and give me the best French kiss you can come up with." She gave him a look that said, 'try and walk away sober after you get a kiss from a real woman', and wiggled her finger for him to come to her.

He glanced at Hilary, who was seething, but trying to be stoic. He walked slowly over to Alyssa, and the two of them frenched for about thirty seconds before Shawn pulled away and went back over to Hilary's side and snuggled up to her. Though, she remained stoic. "Ok. Um… Jay. Pick one." Shawn said, referring to Jason. He didn't want to say the whole thing; it was too long and too hard to remember.

"Truth." Jason wasn't one to pick the wimpy choice, but he didn't trust Shawn when it came to truth or dare. No way, last time they'd played, he ended up running around the block buck naked screaming, 'I love to wear ladies underwear!' It was so embarrassing.

"Good." Shawn contorted his face into one of evil origin. "Is it true that you have a thing for Rose?" The people in China would probably be able to see the giant smirk that crossed his features at that moment.

The blush that crossed Jason's face was so hot that you could have fried an egg on it. "Yeah." He said looking into Rose's eyes, surprised to see that she was blushing like mad, too.

"Aw… we have lovers in our midst." Shawn sarcastically loving, flipped his wrist forward like a gay guy, as he said that.

Jason punched Shawn hard, in the arm. "Ok. Rose." He turned his gaze toward her. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise-to-repeat, electric chair." He raised his right eyebrow, daring her to pick dare.

"Dare." She challenged him. "Do your worst." She stared into his eyes, mimicking his challenging expression.

Now it was Jason's turn to grin evilly. "I dare you to teepee Mr. Robertson's house." He said it with such enthusiasm and excitement; it was as if he'd wanted himself to be dared to do it. "Of course, we'll all help you."

Now, Mr. Robertson is our history teacher, he teaches all the history classes at Jackson high: for all of the grades. Everyone hates him, well maybe not everyone, but I'm sure at least ninety-nine point nine percent of the school's students can't stand him. It's a bona fide fact. He's always sending people to detention, usually the people he doesn't like. If you look at him weird, he sends you to detention. Hello! Bogus much? It's like an after school special, where the heroes try stopping the evil villain; except Mr. Robertson won't stop trying to shove his history lessons down our throats, and sending us to detention is the icing on the cake. I swear he gets off on it. It's all so crazy. "When?" Rose asked him.

"A little toilet paper here, a little there. Ah perfect." Rose tossed an empty toilet paper roll at Hilary as they finished their marvelous teepee. 'Why is it so marvelous?' You ask? Well, you can't even see Mr. Robertson's house; it's completely covered!

We'd gotten all the toilet paper at the little store down the street from Mr. Robertson's house. We all had to go in and by some toilet paper in shifts so it didn't look too suspicious. We all bought the extra soft rolls so that when Mr. Robertson's head would have a cushiony fall when it exploded into the sky and came falling down to land on his rooftop. The party was still going on at Hilary's house just the people who'd been playing truth or dare at the time came to help with my 'teepee dare'.

"Hey, Roses!" Rose turned around to see who called her 'Roses'. Of course: Jason.

"Did you just call me: 'Roses'?" She looked at him with surprise conquering her features.

"Uh, yeah? I mean, is that ok?" He looked into her eyes.

"Sure." She didn't want to hurt his feelings or anything; it had just surprised her. That was what her grandmother used to call her, before she died, anyway. No one had called her that for three years. "It's fine." She added, when he didn't look too convinced of her first answer.

"Ok." He said admiring their artistic work- (aka; The 'teepee house').

We all went back to the party, which commenced with the usual tradition of Hilary and a group of guys chugging beer down some freshmen's throats. I rolled my eyes and changed back into my clothes since I'd went gallivanting around in my swim top and bottom.

I sat in the den watching a movie someone had put on after we'd left for my dare. It was a romance chick-flick; I could easily tell. The box said the title of the movie was: 'She's All That'. According to the back of the DVD's box, the movie was about some teen popular jock guy who falls head over heels in love with this girl who is a complete nerd; all because of some dare that she finds out about. Not reality at all. I'm serious here, that stuff is so far from actual reality. God: give me a good horror movie any day and I'd be in a good mood for days. 'House on Haunted Hill'? –classic. 'Freddy vs. Jason'? –another great classic! The world would be better off without all those mushy romance chick-flicks. Why's it called a chick-flick anyway; I'm a chick and I don't like it. It should be called, 'For people who have no 'blood and guts' tolerance'. That's what it is; 'chick-flicks' are just movies for people who have no kill tolerance and can't stand the thought of it. In my experience they're all just complete wimps! 'Chick'-flicks should be called, 'wimp'-flicks.

I decided to turn the wimp-flick off, and dug through Hilary's movie case to see if she had any movies worth watching.

I found one that was suitable and popped it in the DVD player. The movie was a two-part DVD; it was like five hours long, I think. Anyway, it's called: 'Rose Red', and it's really interesting.

I fell asleep halfway through the movie, I'm guessing. I woke up in the morning to fin the house a complete mess; I woke Hilary up. "So, do you want to call the cleaning service or should I?" I said, as I picked up a broom and began the weeks worth of cleaning. Hilary had already fallen back on the couch, snoring loudly. "Welcome to my life..." sigh...

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