If you could give the world three gifts for Christmas, what would they be? What would be the results of these gifts?


Step 1: You know those helicopters that spread insecticide over crop fields? I would give the world fiber, by way of helicopter. The result would be that people would be more relaxed and at ease, which would help with the whole world peace thing. This is better than simply giving world peace, though, because people will also get a meal, see? Yes, I'm smart.

Step 2: I would give the world the gift of internet with Fictionpress as the preset home page. That way they could read my stories. That way they could review. My stories would make them happy and reviews would make me happy. Fictionpress: the gift that keeps on giving. They could also use the internet to Google the importance of fiber!

Step 3: On a more serious note, I would give everyone the opportunity to spend Christmas, even if it's just that one day, they could be happy, and content, and have the people they love around them. I play God, make the blind men see, the lame men walk, and then some. Father's like mine would be sober, mother's like his would be alive, and we would all be together for just one more day.

Wishing you a happy holidays from the Lunchbox...