This has been said so many times
Has it lost its meaning already?

(The more you say it should emphasize
How much it means, but you say
It only degrades)

I say, you never cared from the start
I can see the way your eyes glaze
The secrets you think you can hide
The dreams you think are, unreal

Fantasies about, walking the moonlit beach

I know it hurts and I'm glad
But it must be said again
Until you, finally, get the point

Stop falling apart, those tears aren't even real
Stop obsessing over the pain, it'll fade

I've been there so many times, I just
Wanted to see what it felt like to have power
And the best part is how good it felt

I'm getting high, from hating you

When we met, it was love at first sigh
But look at where that went
My heart is a ghost town
And the last tumbleweed just rolled out