This one's for the Ex's

Crashing and Burning
whirling down
standing up sideways
on the ground

One wing open
one wing shattered
sadened thoughts
have got me flattered

One eye open
one eye shut
the things you say
they drive me nuts

you fucked up
at the end
don't say
let's pretend

One wing open
one wing shut
one eye open
it drives me nuts

don't say
you haven't seen
what you've done
what's become of me

don't say it
if it needs not be said
my wings are broken
It's all in my head!

one eye open (one wing open)
one wing shattered (One eye shut)
seperation (One wing shattered)
It drives me nuts (Drives me nuts)

Don't pretend
that it's not through
I never again
want to talk to you....