The next morning Natasha got a letter through the post saying 'Keep up the good work' and £40 in 10 pound notes.

The morning after she received another letter containing £70 and note which said 'Great job' with a picture of a smiley face.

Natasha was starting to feel guilty.

This man obviously thought she was doing something…or should be doing something worth paying her for. And what had she been doing? Sitting at home watching TV.

Natasha wasn't entirely sure what her job description was but she was pretty certain it hadn't got much to do with watching TV.

She picked up her notebook and pen and walked out of the front door… to go to work…whatever it was she did.

She decided that the best place to start would be back in the building she had been hired in.

Perhaps she could apologise to David for not working and explain that she had misheard him when he gave her the job description…not that she could remember a job description.

She pushed open the door to the small, boring waiting room and then knocked on the office door and…waited…in the waiting room…coz that's what they're for.

Then she waited some more.

Then she knocked again.

Then she got bored of waiting so she went home.

The next morning she received another £70 and another little note with a gold star attached saying 'Employee of the week'.

Now Natasha was angry. She shouldn't have been…she was getting money for nothing…but she was angry at herself for not doing whatever it was she was supposed to be doing. She felt she was letting David down…he was obviously a very nice man.

She picked up her notepad and pen again…what was it he had said? Taking notes? Fine, that's what she would do.

She walked back to the office, taking notes as she went. She wrote about the sunny morning, the children in the park, the litter on the street, the puddles she stepped in, everything that happened to her.

She wrote about pushing open the waiting room door and wrote about sitting in one of the waiting room chairs, and she wrote about waiting.

Then she got bored of writing about waiting so she started to write about Charlie.