The snap of attack

The article first

Second article the!

A flash of light

The heavens ignite

All is in sight


After the end of every

Stood the same old man

In the same old market

Never chasing the same old hat.

In this same old man

Lurked a speech

That lurched from the depths

And he said it.

Nobody heard,

Though he shouted.

Nobody cared,

And he stopped it.

That very old man

In that very old market

Heard the yell of NEW DAWN


The snap of the crack of retract

And the flash from the light of the heavens above

Lit fire through all that was old.

A shot rang out,


The drum beat,


Started again.

Shot again.

All amok once more.

A call never heard, but it was.

NEW DAWN blazed the structures,

NEW MASTER razed the town.

Old Man, why did you shout but not yell?