Growing Place

Whisper into the ears of my soul

Words of wisdom,

Stories of old.

Your voice fills the cracks

Once bleeding with tears.


My heart remembers,

Songs your eyes sang to me

When the moon was full,

Sky full of stars.

Alone, all alone,

But together



Roses tell me secrets

In the rain that falls

Upon a world only you and I know,

Our place to find ourselves,

Remake who we are,

Fix our paths

Of broken glass.


One path with many forks,

False directions leading nowhere,

Never sure where we are truly going.

Just keep moving forward,

Look back only to learn

From what was.


Fall into His arms,

Always there to comfort

When our hearts are overflowing

And we need a place to empty out

The toxins of our lives

So we may fill it with

the sweet nectar

Of love and Truth.


Hold my hand,

We will get through together,

Stop the forever falling rain,

Expose our souls so they may heal

As we grow into whom we are

Meant to be.