Indigo Kids

Note: When a child is born into the world with psychic powers they are known as "indigo" (because of the different colors of the chakra, indigo is the crown or third eye chakra). A school called Rainbow Elementary starts psychic children out on the right track. One student though, turns out to be a nuisance (his name is Ken) until Mrs. Stanley sets him on the straight and narrow.

Chapter 1—Rainbow Elementary Open to the Public

For the longest time, children with uncanny ablilities had been dismissed and even worse, locked away in psychiatric wards. In this age, such things are no longer as common as they were in more suspicious eras, but there is a school for children that are lovingly and respectively called "Indigo Kids". This establishment has only recently been open to the public, but the idea for the Elementary had been in the minds of its creators, Mrs. Rebecca Stanley, and her husband, Ambrose. Only now had they seen their brainchild (in the most literal of terms) take root and come to life. Today was the first day of school and they would be welcoming their students, all with different abilities, into the classroom. Ambrose had the pre-schoolers and kindergarteners, Rebecca had the much more tempremental 5th graders. There were other teachers in the system, like Ms. Cleo Zinnia, Mr. Lyndon Tunisia, and finally the charismatic Principal Cameron Ferrari.

As soon as the doors opened to the Rainbow Elementary, kids of all races, colors, creeds and lifestyles came rushing into the school. It had only been advertized in newspapers, so, there were only a couple thousand children who had come in. There could've been more, but a lot of people didn't probably wouldn't take the educational facility seriously, but with a new year beginning, they would be able to get the Elementary school known to the public. For now, they were just glad to be open and to be helping psychic children as well with those with the gift of "the sight" who needed to be taught about their gifts and opened to new ways of

perspective. There were also those like Ken, who was a nuisance and liked to use telekenisis for destruction.

Unfortunately, he had the ability to scare other students and intimidate them. He had become the school bully rather rapidly, and Rebecca knew she had to discipline him before he got out of control.

Chapter 2—Always Take Mrs. Stanley Seriously

Ken hadn't gotten away with much in the classroom, save for the outbursts that he had caused with his pointless temper tantrums. To think, Ken was in the 5th grade and still having tantrums. Something was definitely amiss with Ken's family situation and Rebecca already knew that he came from a disfunctional family.

This is why Ken had been acting out. He wanted attention, and he didn't mind if it came forth in a negative way.

On the playground, Ken was a terror to the other children. He had a lust for power, and no one could do anything to stand up against him. That is, except for Rebecca. Rebecca too, was very gifted with her mind.

She dragged him over to him and held him up using telekesis.

"Who do you think you are, young man ?", she questioned very sternly, her soft blue eyes looking extremely intense.

"No one that can't whoop you, lady. I've had millions of teachers before. All of 'em weak, pathetic worms I could beat into submission !", Ken said. She wasn't impressed by his vast vocabulary but she did think it was sad that he had gotten away with intimidation and idle threats in the past. Even if he had beaten up a teacher, heaven forbid, he should've been sent to jail for battery.

"Oh, really ?", Rebecca questioned, turning the boy upside down.

"Wait, what are you doing ? Stop that, you fool ! Blood's rushing to my head !", Ken said, beginning to cry.

"I won't let you go until you start acting like a human being, Ken. You've been getting away with torturing others for too long. Other people have feelings. Think about it. What would you do if I called you all of those hurtful names. I don't care how the rhyme goes, words do hurt !", Rebecca said, wisely.

The young boy, who was still hanging upside down and crying his eyes out was beginning to whimper.

"Alright, alright. Just turn me around and set me back on the ground, Mrs. Stanley ! Please !", Ken begged, blurriness overtaking his vision. The ash-blonde, power-business suit wearing Rebecca turned him around and gently set the boy on the ground with her thoughts.

"Don't let me catch you misbehaving, Ken.", Rebecca reminded the boy, who was too busy kissing the ground. Once he had come to the realization he was making out with dirt he spat it out and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Chapter 3—Repentance

As the school year continued, Ken became more and more docile. He was becoming a gentleman in the way he acted. He wasn't pushing other kids around and he was learning how to act more like a team player. If he saw other kids being bullied, he would step up and give the bully a talking to. Albiet some students were there to better themselves and use their abilities to make the world a betterplace, there were those like the few bullies at Rainbow Elementary that wanted to make existence terrible. Ken was no longer one of those students. The little chat he had had with Mrs. Stanely only months earlier had reshaped him and he was turning into a regular overachiever. In fact, his parents were so impressed they wanted to meet Mrs. Stanley for themselves. They had experienced so much resistance from their son in the past that they wanted to continue his upbringing in the correct way. With Rebecca's help, they learned what to do and not to, but they also knew that there was no manual on parenting. Despite that, Ken's parents did all they could to enrich their little honor student and watched him mature as the school year rambled on.

Chapter 4—The Unexpected Christmas Gift

It was an unusually cold winter for this part of the United States, but everyone was enjoying the unexpected chilly weather and beautiful sparkling snow. It was comforting to have a snowy holiday season, particularly in this one final week before winter break and Christmas.

Every class at the Elementary school was holding holiday themed games as well as giving out presents to one another. Everyone had brought their own gifts for each other and for their teachers as well. Some of them could affrod opulent gifts while others made their own, putting in a lot of time, heart and effort into their presents. Ken came in with his gift, something he had made by hand. He didn't know whether Mrs. Stanley would like what he made for her or not. It appeared she didn't play favorites, but he was still nervous and wondered what her reaction would be.

As soon as Rebecca came to Ken's present, she didn't see any tag on it.

"Who's this one from ?", she asked, her ice blue eyes studying the precision wrapping of the hourglass shaped object.

"Um, that's mine, Mrs. Stanley. It was sort of last minute actually, forgive me.", Ken said, blushing in embarassment.

"Oh, no. No, no, no. If it comes from the heart, I don't care if it was just a spur of the moment thing.", Rebecca said, grinning brightly. She opened the gift and found the most lovely glass vase.

"Did you make this ?", she asked, almost bewildered by the beauty of the vase itself. It was iridescent and flawless.

"Yes, I did. Dad happens to own a glass blowing shop and well...", Ken said, again, blushing.

"I love it. I wasn't expecting a gift from you, Ken.", Mrs. Stanley said, beginning to become a little teary eyed.

"I know you weren't and neither was anyone else, so I thought I would suprise you and surprise them. I made everyone a little something from the shop. No worries, there is no fee so you don't owe me anything.", Ken said. All the students in the class put their vases on top of their desk and joined in with Mrs. Stanley to hug Ken. Ken just laughed and said,

"Ok, ok...That's enough hugging really !"


By the end of the school year, each student had matured in their own way. The students in the 5th grade would be moving up into the middle school. Though the middle school didn't offer them any courses in broadening their spectrum of mental abilities, they could always return to Rainbow Elementary and ask for help if they had any questions or if they needed coaching in how to hone an ability better.

The teachers too, had been enlightened and they had thanked their lucky stars the school lasted as long as it had. It had only been a year, but they could see more successful years to come and now word was getting out about how magnificent teachers were and how children learned. Not only did "Indigo Kids" learn the basics

and a little bit about survival in the wild, but they were profound individuals. Even with a student like Ken, such a soul could be turned around and transformed no matter how awful or vile they were. With such intrepid, stalwart teachers like Mrs. Stanley, her husband Ambrose and the others, Rainbow Elementary could brighten many more young minds and be a mentor to many that had none other to rely upon. For so long as Rainbow Elementary was open, they would be a beacon and a sanctuary as well as a place where education could be entertaining as well. This place would always challenge and broaden perspective into infinity, for how ever long that was.

The End

September 18, 2006