When Morton woke up again he could see, but he couldn't move. However, he could feel cold cement against his face. The ground was the only thing in view besides some steel bars five feet away. The only sound was his own breathing and a ringing in his head. Morton tried to move his fingers but they wouldn't budge.

For what seemed to be hours Morton lay there. More parts of his body began to turn back on. Starting with his toes and working its way up. His thighs were movable as he waited for his upper body to follow in suit. Morton groaned as he tried to move his fingers again. They twitched some but didn't move on his accord.

When Morton thought he had gathered enough strength he pulled himself off the floor then stood up. Leaning against a wall he examined his environment. Grey concrete floor, three walls the same way, the last wall silver steel bars. The room had no windows, a hard bed that made concrete sound good, and a toilet that Morton wouldn't use even if he was going to shit himself. Over all he came up with his analysis of his situation, he was being held captive.

Hearing footsteps toward the room he felt for his guns. They had taken his weapons. Crossing his arms he waited for whoever was coming, no bother hiding in this windowless cell. The footsteps got closer, echoing down the hallway Morton had not gotten to see yet.

One man stopped next to his cell then leaned towards the bars. " Well, well, well, look who decided to join the living," The man said to Morton.

The man was tall, six and a half feet. His eyes were a chilling blue with a hint of green around the edges. He had an impressive build, making it obvious he tried to stay in shape. Morton noticed quickly he wasn't human. The man had no visible ears, and had natural red hair.

" Haven't seen a marlarian in years?" Morton said to him.

" Same goes for you, Standard Humanoid," the marlarian said to him. " I've been instructed to lead you to the one who will tell you why you're here."

" Sounds great, but first is there a clean bathroom around?" Morton asked gesturing towards his toilet.

" You'll have time later,"the marlarian said then unlocked the door to Morton's cell. Morton walked toward the cell's doors and the marlarian placed his right hand on the handle of his gun tucked into the back of his waist.

" Cautious aren't we?" Morton asked him.

" I know who you are," he answered. Morton stepped out, and followed his escorts gesture.

Morton was led down the hallway were more cells were. Most of the cells were empty, but some had some unfortunate occupants. One cell had a man in it who looked like he'd been there for weeks. He looked sick from malnutrition. There was another man but his condition was slightly better. Only slightly.

The last cell he crossed had something rather interesting in it. A woman. She looked young, not even out of her teens. She had short black hair, and almond eyes. For her age she was tall, five foot eight it looked like. This girl was a strange sight because she didn't appear affected by her environment. She was doing pull ups on a pipe above her. A thin layer of sweat dripped off her face and body. The strangest part was that she appeared to just be waiting, as if this cell was only temporary.

The girl dropped down from the pipe then took a breather. She sat on her had bed then wiped the sweat off her body. As Morton crossed she looked his way and examined him. They made eye contact as Morton passed by. They stared at each other, but were cut off when Morton passed the cell.

At the end of the hall were three doors. One on the left, right, and straight ahead. Above the door in the center was a surveillance camera. Morton saw it move to look at him, then zoom in.

" I take it I'm being watched," Morton said looking up at the camera.

" Always I'm afraid. To the right," The marlarian said then gestured to the door on the right. Morton reached over and grabbed the handle. The door led to a flight of stairs that Morton just looked up. The marlarian nudged him with the gun and Morton started to climb.

The stairs ended to another door. It was different because it had a door knob instead of a handle. Looking above the door Morton saw another camera. Morton touch the knob, only to receive a small shock. He quickly drew his hand away while waiting for feeling to return.

" She has a sense of humor," the marlarian said to him.

" She?" Morton asked before a click was heard from the door.

" It's open now," the marlarian said to Morton who opened the door. No shock included. Pass the door was a large room, which Morton guessed was twenty feet long, ten feet wide and ten feet high.

The room was filled with all kinds of furniture. Couches, chairs, love seats, bean bag chair, lamps, coffee tables, and a television that practically took up the entire far wall. Every seat was seemingly unoccupied except for one. The person in the first couch was watching a news alert that involved a car chase. Morton smiled when he sat that it was his chase.

Then from behind the couch the head turned around. It was a woman. She saw Morton, smiled, and then climbed over the couch like an excited child.

" Leave us," she said to the marlarian as she approached Morton with intrigued eyes.

" What if he tries something?" He asked.

" I'll deal with him myself, get the hell out," she said to him in a demanding voice. The marlarian simply nodded then left the room without another word.

" I'm terribly sorry about him, but it's so hard to find such loyal employees now-a-days," she said to Morton then walked to the other side of the room. The other side of the room had a desk that was seven feet wide with a large chair on the other side against the wall. On the other side of the chair were two chairs with comfortable cushions, but no armrests. The only thing on the desk was a lamp, and a bunch of random papers that Morton couldn't read.

" Have a seat," she said then sat on the large chair. Moron finally took a good look at her.

The woman was gorgeous. Long brown hair that reached her mid back. Her eyes were lighter with a small hint of grey to the brown. Her cheeks were pinkish red, and her lips were thin with glittery pink lip gloss on them. Her shoulders were slender, and her breasts were the perfect size and shape nicely tucked into her button up blouse revealing more cleavage than was necessary. Because of her shirt, he knew she wasn't wearing a bra. The woman's legs were just as beautiful as the rest of her body. They were slipped into a pair of black leather pants that molded themselves perfect to her curves. Her feet were bare with pink nail polish on her toes.

" Morton Tiltani, have I been dying to meet you," she said to him excited. She looked at him with a seductive smile then crossed her legs.

" Do I have to ask why I'm here?" Morton asked her, falling into one of the chairs.

" Where are my manners," she said with a larger smile. " My name is Christine Nerual. I'm in charge of the bounty hunter group known as Hell bringers."

" So, I'm a bounty?" Morton asked.

" Surprisingly, no. I need your expertise to help us capture an even larger bounty than your own who has recently appeared on the list. Ever heard of a man named Calzec Boone?" She asked. " Well you should've. You worked with him in the Sitto Organization."

"He's dead, only three people including myself survived that ambush," Morton said.

" So you think Morton, but he is in fact alive and well. Well, alive and running, but you get the idea. We've confirmed a few facts about his involvement in the Sitto Organization, like for one, he was a double agent much like yourself at the time. Only, you got too involved and ended up with a bounty on your head by the police," Christine said then adjusted herself into her seat comfortably.

Morton's mind drew him to the memory of the ambush five years back. It still was unknown to him what happened that day. The heist seemed to be going perfect, until bullets began to rain down. Half of the gang was dead in ten seconds, while the others demises shortly followed. Morton only knew of two other survivors, Seth Polite, and Carol Etilop.

" Why is his bounty so high?" Morton asked. Last he knew his was worth five billion credits. The highest in history.

" On his last mission he messed with a multi-trillionaire from planet Barth. Not only did he blow his cover, he slept with the mans wife. Now he's the most wanted man in the galaxy," Christine said then pulled out a remote from her desk and pressed a button. The television changed from the chase to a list of fifty people.

" That is the list of the tip fifty bounties within the last week. For the last five years, yours was at the top, till two weeks ago," Christine said then clicked on number one.

The screen zoomed in on the name Calzec Boone then viewed a full body picture that was three dimensional and spun around slowly. Calzec was in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and to the right of his picture was a list of information.

Name-Calzec Boone


Hair/eye color- Dark brown/Dark brown

Weight/Height- 187lbs/5ft 9'

Danger Level- Five stars

Weapon of choice- First thing he grabs

Bounty- 50,000,000,000$$$

Bounty Payer- Skear Bonti

Rank- 1

Wanted- Alive

Last Seen- Wamcik, Voltnor City

Information- A double agent specialist for the galactic police, Calzec is hard to read and even harder to capture. Capable of turning almost any item into a dangerous or deadly weapon. Military trained in hand to hand combat, marksmen ship, negotiations, stealth and explosives. Highly dangerous and skilled and a known escape artist, attempt to capture at own risk.

Morton read everything then turned to Christine on the couch next to him. She looked at him as well then smiled.

" I need your help to catch him, only you can," Christine said to him.

" Why me?" Morton asked her.

" You are an ex-galactic police negotiator, not to mention your record is filled with honors from several other fields of law enforcement and military tactics. Your records and qualifications are identical to his. Fight fire with fire," she answered then slid a little closer to him.

" What if I don't agree?" Morton asked. Christine smiled then reached over and placed her hand on his chest. She then pressed into it, which surprised Morton how much that hurt.

" While you were snoozing, I went ahead and had a bomb planted in your chest cavity. At the push of a button, I can kill you. Here's a nice little demonstration," She said then pressed a button on the remote. The screen changed to a cartoon picture of Morton. He exploded with his head hitting the ground and bouncing off screen like a cartoon.

" Black mail is it?" Morton asked with a groan.

" In I way, yes, but succeed and you'll receive more than your own life. Twenty million, I take the bomb out, then give you a comfortable place to hide out for the rest of your days."

Before Morton could think Christine stood up off the couch, then straddled him. She place her elbows on his shoulders then kissed him firmly on the lips. A moment later she slid her tongue into his mouth and twirled it around for fun.

Ten seconds later she left his mouth then placed her lips on his ear and said, " And on top of all that, I'll make it more than worth your while. And to show that I mean it, here's my down payment." Christine grabbed the bottom of Morton's shirt, then quickly pulled it off his body.

" You can't be serious," Morton said to her as she kissed him again.

" I can't help myself, not everyday I get to be alone with the man voted sexiest male convict in the galaxy. I'm a sucker for a bad boy,"she said then threw his shirt onto another couch.

" So, you're just a fangirl then," Morton said.

" No, I'm a groupie," She said then started to kiss his neck, " What do you say?" Morton thought about it for a moment then unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off of her shoulders all the way down to her wrists. As the shirt dropped to the floor Morton reached for her zipper in the front that wasn't there.

" Other side," She said. Morton reached around her waist then zipped her zipper down. He pulled her pants off then tipped her down against a pillow in nothing but her panties. Before he decided to go further, Morton figured she was up for negotiation.

" Thirty," Morton said to her.

"What?" She asked, a little annoyed that he stopped.

" I don't hunt for less than thirty," Morton said.

" Twenty was the only offer," She said back.

" Fine," Morton said then stood up and grabbed his shirt.

" Wait!" She said in a desperate tone. Morton wasn't facing her when he smiled. This was his favorite kind of situation. Get laid and paid. " Twenty five."

" Thirty," Morton repeated, " If not then you can just blow me up right now," he said as a complete bluff. It wasn't a risk because he had a feeling she'd crack first.

" Fine, thirty," She said, " Just don't get dressed."

" Why do you want this so badly?" Morton asked.

"You're just the man I've been in love with since the moment I saw your wanted poster. I promised myself I wouldn't get involved with the clients merchandise, but with you I can't help it. It took me this long just to find you, and I want to make sure I experience you just once," she said then stood next to him with her hands on his belt.

" Don't make me beg." He didn't.