Six Years Since
19 September 2006
3:14 A.M.

There is no grave I can visit
So I sit here curled up on my couch
And I talk to the silence of the room
Hoping that you will hear me

It has been six years since you left
I have grown so much since then
I hate it that you weren't here
There's so much you didn't see

You weren't here for my first day of high school
It was a terrifying transition for me
I remember almost crying in the car
As Mom pulled into the parking lot

You missed me discovering my passion
My love for language and culture
My first Spanish Convention and competition
My pride at the success I had

You missed me falling in love
You've never met my boyfriend of four years
He's the sweetest man I know
You would love him

You weren't here when I needed a shoulder
After finding out I wouldn't get to walk
I was glad to not have to tell you of my failure
But I would have loved to be in your embrace

You missed my first day of college
I was so nervous leading up to it
Then the pride I felt
When I found out I had made Dean's list. Twice.

I am growing up so quickly
Soon to be twenty years old
There's so much that you have missed
I hope I've caught you up

There's no grave I can visit
Or lay flowers upon
So it's your memory I speak to
Your memory still lives on.