Heaven, so close

And yet so far away.

You held me in your arms

And I'd never felt such ecstasy

And now you shun me,

Playing with me

Giving me everything I've ever wanted one day

And denying me the next.

Playing with my emotions

How could you be so cruel?

But this doesn't stop me from wanting you.

Is it any wonder I turn to the bottle?

Any wonder why the pinprick of a needle can make me smile?

You're just another drug, darling,

And you know it, don't you?

Keeping me your willing slave

At your beck and call

Knowing that watching you

Is like being right outside heaven

And having the gate slammed shut in your face.

And watching you with her,

Well, that is worse then hell.

So I cut myself

To stop the bleeding

And hurt myself

To stop the pain.

It's just a downward spiral

You at the beginning,

And you at the end,

One I most likely, will never survive.

You're accepting me again,

And my heart has never felt so light

I know tomorrow that you will pretend I don't exist,

But that doesn't stop me from letting you use me tonight.

You are all I've ever wanted,

And it sickens me.

You're just another drug, darling

And I'm getting my last fix.

What good is heaven,

If you have to whore yourself to get it?

I'd rather take hell.