If I lifted this mask from my face,

Revealing myself to you,

Would you run screaming,

Would you faint from sheer terror,

Or, would you just accept who I am?

You say you love me,

That you will never leave me,

And I know you have tried time and time again to convince me.

But, these words are hollow, empty,

Until you gaze upon my true face

And know all of me.

But, truly, I am afraid to allow you to see me,

Even now, hidden as I am,

Lest you're striking eyes pierce my carefully wrought illusions

And you refuse to set those eyes on me again.

I am scared to let you see me,

All of me,

My whole face,

My every thought,

And every deed I have done,

For fear you will leave me.

Your Presence

Your Shining and Benevolent Existence

Is all that redeems me.

It is all that saves me from an eternity of anguish.

My love for you is all that saves me from the dark.

I fear to let you know me

Scared that you will hate me

Terrified you will condemn me

To perpetuity in hell.

Or, would you accept me?

Accept that your lover is a ,




And worse?

For what I have done is terrible

To terrible

To be summed up by those words alone.

Maybe I am afraid to let you see me,

For fear you will accept me for who I am.

Or, in turn, show me a face that mirrors my own,

Or is much worse.

But, who will know unless I find out?

So, I'll quit playing games,

And slip off my mask,

In broad daylight.

And let you see me,

All of me.

Come what may.