The bruises on my arms and legs

Hidden by sleeves and pants

Are uncovered as you rip my clothes away

The healed wounds

Are reopened

As the whip hits me again

The scars on my heart

Are tripled

As you beat me

You don't even know what you're doing

You don't see what you mean to me

You don't know you ripped away my clothes

You don't know you whipped me

You don't know you beat me

Keep thinking that ignoring me doesn't hurt me

Keep thinking that your stony glare doesn't undress me

Keep thinking that your silence doesn't beat me

I'll keep it in my mind

I'll sweep it all beneath the carpet

I'll refrain from saying anything to anybody

I'll do it all to protect you, my tormentor.

You are my love.

That's why it hurts me so bad.

AN: This is my first actual poem. Please R&R and tell me what you think!