Closer to Home

I kept thinking it was getting harder
Every day,
And so it did.
I should have thought how every day passing
Brought me one day closer.
It's harder than anything I've ever bee n through;
That's true,
But each dawn,
Each new light is one step closer
To lighteningthis weight.
Each night I spend burned out yet still
Unbroken in spite of it all.
I fall alseep with the hopes
Of being home again,
Where the heart is,
Where it's given up.
All I've wanted is release
From all you face each day.
All I've wanted is release
For the one i want back home.

Maybe all this weight,
Heavier and harder by the day,
Is nothing more than light,
And hope,
And wings I borrowed from you.
Maybe waiting's how I grow.
Each dawn brings revelation;
Each night brings solemn contemplation;
Each day brings me closer to home.