Title: Forgive Me Father, For I Am Sinning
Author: Xtreme17nc13
Summary: Part Three in the "More Specific" Series - Kyle and Brandon go to church and well, they're going to Hell.. o.O - 2543 words.
Disclaimer: They're mine, all mine! Well, they're mine since I changed the names. Does it count if they're real people I know?
Warnings: M/M, Slash, Inc, Sexual acts in a church pew. -- Don't like, don't read, don't flame.
Author's Note: So.. I'm going straight to Hell as of yesterday. Does anyone want to come with me?

Forgive Me Father, For I Am Sinning

The alarm buzzed painfully harsh in my ears. Blindly, I swiped my hand across the plastic clock and I couldn't find the damn "off" button if my life depended on it. Annoyed, I pulled the cord out of the wall and was rewarded with blessed silence. My arm fell limp against the side of the bed and I groaned.

I tried to fall back asleep, but someone began pounding against my door, "Brandon! Get yer lazy ass out of bed! Mom says you need to hurry up and get in the shower before we're late for church!" I heard Kyle's door slam shut and I quirked a small smile to myself.

I recalled the events from the night before but instead of being disgusted or feeling guilty, I was horny. I sighed and pulled myself from the warmth of my bed. I quickly searched the floor for a pair of shorts and pulled them on before I left the room.

The hot shower did wonders for my out of control libido and I returned to my room squeaky clean and ready for the day. I pulled on a red button-down shirt, khaki pants, and Docs. As I went into the kitchen, I was greeted with the sight of the perfect American family. Mom was cooking sausage and pancakes, Dad was reading the morning paper, Maggie was busy giving Snow White a hot pink dress in her coloring book, and Kyle.. Kyle was staring at me as he licked his spoon clean of vanilla yogurt. The suggestion was not lost on me and I turned away before anyone else noticed.

"Morning," I greeted cheerfully as I sat next to Maggie at the table.

"Look, Brandon! Isn't her dress pretty? I'm the only one in my class who never colors outside the lines!" Maggie puffed her chest out as she pushed her book towards me.

"Yeah? That's good, but you might want to stop making everything pink," I stage whispered.

"Brandon! She's six, she can color them any way she wants," my mother scolded.

"Yeah!" Maggie agreed. She was smart for a six year old, sometimes a little too smart for her own good.

"That almost done?"

Dad looked at me over his wire-rimmed glasses, "It'd be done a little quicker if you helped your mother out every once in a while."

I feigned shock, "You mean, cook?!"

"It's okay, Doug, I'm finished anyway," she slid a plate of bacon and three pancakes in front of me.

"God, I'm starving!" I began adding butter and syrup to my pancakes but I felt eyes on me, "What?"

Everyone but Kyle was staring at me, but Maggie spoke first, "Don't take the Lord's name in vain, Brandon," and she was dead serious.

"You know better than that, son," Dad added. Kyle had a coughing fit to cover the laugh.

"Sorry," I mumbled and ate my breakfast.

Breakfast was finished and the five of us went outside, "I'm going to drive to church today, is that okay?" Kyle asked as Mom put Maggie in her booster seat.

"Why?" she frowned, "Do you have plans after church?"

"I was going to go see Jenna, actually," he replied smoothly.

"That's fine," she agreed, "Brandon, get in the car. We're already running late."

I rolled my eyes, but climbed in next to Maggie. We arrived at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church at nine fifteen and split up to go to our respective Catechism classrooms. I sat in my usual corner and waited for Kyle to arrive. Once he did, he joined me on the comfortable sofa and we waited for Sister Kelly to join the group of teenagers.

"Good morning, Children," she greeted.

"Good morning, Sister Kelly," we all intoned.

"Who remembers where we left off last week?" her kind eyes scanned the room and landed on Holly Winters, the biggest kiss-ass the church had ever seen.

"We were talking about Sin and how to avoid Sin," she smiled.

"Thank you, Holly. I would li --" she was cut off by someone walking through the door, "It would do you well, Mr. Blakefield, to arrive on time. Take your seat."

"Sorry, Sister," Josh gave a sheepish smile and plopped next to us on the couch.

"I would like for each of you to retrieve a slip of paper and a pencil, then you will write what Sin you think you are most guilty of committing and why. Do not sign your name, do not show others what you are writing. This will be done anonymously."

I grabbed three slips of paper from the table and one pencil. Each of us took turns writing our Sin. Mine was Lust, of course. Sister Kelly walked around the room to collect our Sins. She walked to the chalkboard, where every Sin had it's own column. She tallied up our answers, "Ten of you are guilty of Lust. There should be no reason that you are hankering for impure pleasures," she surveyed the room with a look of disappointment, but continued on, "Seven of you admit to Pride. Please remember that no one is perfect. Only the Lord is perfect and we strive to improve our perfection everyday," she stared down the girls in the room.

Kyle leaned over and whispered to Josh, "What that bitch doesn't know is that I am perfect. Just ask Jenna," he smirked and I laughed my ass off on the inside.

"Anger and Greed are equal with five people guilty for each. Material wealth means nothing and young people should not harbor a desire for revenge. Only two of you feel you are guilty of Envy. If someone is well off, do not be jealous. The Lord will balance everything out eventually."

"Sister Kelly?"

She turned kind eyes on Holly once again, "Yes, Child?"

"May I ask why we wrote our Sins?"

"As teenagers, many of you will feel pressured into committing Sin. Writing them and knowing what Sins you are already guilty of will help you to make the right decisions. As Catholics, you know we strive for perfection. You need not to impress your peers. God is the only judge."

I blinked and looked at Kyle and Josh. Joshed mouthed "bullshit" and Kyle and I barely covered our laughs. Sister Kelly could be a real bitch if you were caught ignoring God's word.

"That brings me to another point, Brandon," I turned towards her, a bit scared that she had caught me, "Why do young people give in to peer pressure? Why do they commit Sin?"

I shifted uncomfortably, "Be-because sometimes they feel it's the way to be. They want to be cool and accepted among their friends."

"And is that the proper way to live?" she was staring me down, like she knew I was guilty of.. something.

"No," Kyle spoke up next to me, "We do not need to be accepted by those who pressure us into committing Sin. If they do pressure us, then they are not the type of people we, as young people, need to associate with," he gave her a dazzling smile.

She beamed at him, "Very good, Kyle! I'm glad somebody has been paying attention."

"You are such a fucking suck-up," Josh mumbled.

"Yes, but it works. No one expects anything from 'Perfect Kyle'. You should take lessons."

Sister Kelly sighed, "I fear that our time is up for today. Please join your families in the Chapel. Mass will begin in ten minutes time. Good day," she swept from the room like a bat out of hell. I laughed at my own joke.

Holly walked up to Kyle, Josh, and I as we were getting up, "Hi, Brandon," she batted her mascara-coated eyelashes at me.


She turned her unnatural blue eyes on Kyle, "You know, Sister Kelly may buy your act, but I don't. It won't be long before she realizes that you are a Sinner. I hope you know that Hell has made a special place for you," her anger-filled eyes turned on me and they changed to sweet and innocent, "I want you to know, Brandon, that I do not hate you for the Sins your brother has committed. I know that you are a good person, " her smile revealed her porcelain veneer teeth, "See you in Mass."

Josh blinked, "That girl needs a damn reality check."

"I think she's funny," Kyle smiled, "and she has a nice ass. Damn! I'd like to get a piece of her!"

Maybe my Sin should have been Anger, because I felt the sudden urge to kill Holly Winters.

"Let's go, we'll be late," I didn't wait to see if they followed me.

I took my regular seat in the last pew and waited for Kyle to join me. Ever since I had turned twelve and looked at as an individual among the Church, I was allowed to sit where I wanted. I chose to sit without my parents and Maggie. Kyle had always joined me and used that time to sleep off the rest of his hangover he usually had from the night before.

"See ya, man," Josh nodded towards me and walked to the front where he continued to sit with his overly large family.

"Wake you in a few hours?" I asked as Kyle sat next to me.

"Yep. Scoot over, though. We're too close to the aisle and Father Eldrett has a direct view of us," he smiled and Father Eldrett waved and continued speaking with the choir.

Kyle slouched in the pew and got comfortable for his usual nap. I got out my Bible and flipped to the scripture that was outlined in the pamphlet. Mass began and I followed along as I always do. Father Eldrett was leading a prayer when I felt a ghost of a touch on my thigh. I glanced over at Kyle, who was surprisingly alert and echoing the words along with everyone else.

My eyes widened, "What are you doing?!" I hissed.

"Praying," he deadpanned, "I don't want to go to Hell, you know."


"Shh, people can hear you," his hand was on my zipper.

"You're going to go to Hell if you don't quit it!" I ground out between grit teeth.

He smirked, "I'm not the one getting hard in church," I could hear my zipper coming undone. I did nothing to stop him.

"But you're the one doing the touching! I'm pretty sure that this is a Sin, no matter how you look at it!" I propped up my Bible. At least if anyone looked over, they wouldn't see what was happening.

"Shh! You're interrupting God's word. And be quiet, would you?" his hand was reaching into my boxers. There was no denying that he was turning me on.

"But people might see us!"

Kyle turned innocent brown eyes on me, "Would you like me to stop?"

His thumb passed over the slit, "God, no!" I whispered harshly.

"Now, now, Brandon. We do not take thy Lord's name in vain," I could hear the smirk in his voice, "Face forward; pay attention, yeah?" I complied and fixed unseeing eyes on the crucifix hanging behind Father Eldrett, "Besides," Kyle's hot breath was on my neck, "the possibility of getting caught makes it that much sweeter," three slow strokes with a twist at the end of each. I swallowed a moan and gripped my Bible until my knuckles were white, "That's a good boy. No noises."

I nodded jerkily. His hand was hot on my cock and it was all I could do not to kiss him. I wanted him and nothing, not even being in Church, could stop that. Kyle applied pressure against the underside of my cock and circled the head with his forefinger. He then continued to stroked normally for a few moments before scraping a nail lightly from tip to base. I jumped and he smiled, "I know you like that. You're a glutton for punishment," he mouthed against my ear.

His thumb was rubbing over the slit again and it took all I had not to make a single noise. My body was tensing and relaxing over and over again as Kyle jacked me off. He was squeezing a little harder and collecting the pre-come to slide it down the rest of my dick. He closed his thumb and forefinger around the base and nipped my ear before he spoke, "Would you like to come, Brandon?"

My body jerked in response. I opened my mouth, but Kyle cut me off, "No noises, Brandon," so I nodded and twitched all at the same time.

"Go ahead, Brandon, come for me," he stroked me twice and I bit into my lip as white-hot streams splashed onto the pages of my open Bible. Kyle collected the few drops that had remained with his finger and brought it to his mouth. He licked from the bottom up and slipped his entire finger in. I stared at him, transfixed, as he pulled his finger from his mouth with a wet 'pop', "Yummy," he breathed.

I closed my eyes and felt Kyle tuck me back in. Father Eldrett finished up and it was time for us to leave. I stood on shaky legs and went outside. Kyle arrived with Josh, "Hey, man, party out at Grace and Logan's tonight. Be there!" he punched my shoulder and walked off to his truck.

"You going?" I asked Kyle as I leaned against the pillar next to him.

"Yup. Are you?"

"Yeah, I need to get drunk after this weekend," I replied honestly.

"Figured you'd say that," he smirked and I was quickly becoming annoyed by that damn expression, "But you might want to go confess those Sins before you leave because you never know how many you'll be committing tonight."

He walked off into the parking lot and I went inside to wait for my parents, "Brandon!" my mom exclaimed when she saw me, "You look like you've been ran over by a truck! Are you feeling all right?" she pressed her hand against my forehead.

"I'm fine, but can I stay at Logan's tonight? We don't have school in the morning."

"Logan Anderson? Bill and Donna's boy?" my father asked.

"Yeah, that's him."

My mother's face brightened, "Of course! Logan is such a sweet boy!"

I smirked. If they only knew...


Author's Note: See, I told you I was going to hell. Just so everyone knows, I am not a Catholic and I kind of made things up as I was going. I apologize if this is not accurate, but that's just the way I wrote it. Thanks for reading!