I Will Always Love You

Inspired by 'Mr. Lonely' by Akon

- - -

Waking up in the morning,

And seeing the empty bed,

Making coffee in the kitchen,

Remembering what you said.

Watching TV all alone,

Feeling dead inside,

Eating fast food with no care,

No other place to hide.

Brain-dead, I feel scared,

Without you here beside me,

Loved you to bits but now you're gone,

Maybe God will hide me.

Going to school everyday,

But seeing your empty chair,

No more tears. No more love.

No one left to care.

My face is frozen with grief,

No smiles flicker anymore,

Walked along hidden paths,

But couldn't find your door.

You are gone so now I feel,

Like I will perish too,

But wherever you are, just remember,

That I will always love you...